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I did a LIPO on both static libs and they are indeed x86_64 (and I did some LIPO on the “.o” files too and they are x86_64 too)

If I exclude them from building, I have “missing 9 linking symbols”
If I include I have 38 wrong symbols (for the x86_64 missing )

if I have in the same directory the dylib (but not included in the project) and the static but included
I have no errors ( bizarre !)


Oh, I see. You’re trying your own build system. Yeah, can’t help you there.

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Wohooo… is it Ok to just be exited as a little kid for a moment? V1 promises a lot of awesome features, can’t wait. Thanks for all your hard work Andrew!


I agree! I check this thread almost daily! SUPER excited for V1!


I think it will be very usefull and needed for all the users, that are not developers,
to have step-by-step instructions on how to do this


Oooh! My birthday is June 12th!!! :birthday:

Added "cableColors" property to settings.json.


Super appreciative to see this timeline.

When you get the stable v1 API will there be a URL addressable version of Rack-SDK like their is for 0.6.2? Or will you still require a build of the Rack system to build a plugin? (I only ask because in our CI pipeline we use the download of the rack SDK rather than build all of Rack before we build our plugin and it works great!).

Thanks so much.

When the v1 API is stable, I’ll host v1.dev.* builds for all OS’s and the SDK at https://vcvrack.com/downloads/


Wonderful thank you. We’re starting a project to move the innards of https://surge-synthesizer.github.io into rack modules - right now my code builds both 062 and 10 but our CI pipeline only works 0.6.2. Will be great to have both in our pipeline!


This will make it much easier to test 1.0 plugins for those of us who aren’t developers. Thank you.

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I’m having problems with

void onHoverKey(const event::HoverKey &e) override

in my module SQ2

I use a lot the numeric keypad to entering data

but something is changed and I get a lot of REPEATED call to the onHoverKey in the module widget

in version 0.6, if I press a key, I receive and consume just one key event (till the key is down)

in version 1.0, if I press a key and consume it, I receive immediately another onHoverKey call (forever)

This is normal. Check the action field to get the type of key event.

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testing for the GLFW_PRESS case . Thank you!
Anyway, I think the autorepeat was/is not respecting my system settings (mac OSX), because the first repeat is immediate

You are likely receiving the RACK_HELD event, which is called every frame when a key is held.

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I managed to build v1 on Debian Stretch following these steps:

git clone https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack.git
cd Rack
git checkout v1
git submodule update --init --recursive
make dep

Quick question any JACK support?

I’ve actually recently disabled JACK support in RtAudio on Linux, because the users find SkJack to be a better way to send audio/CV through JACK.

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I use skjack with version 0.6.2

How does it work with v1?

It’s not migrated to the v1 API, since the v1 API isn’t stable yet.

I hope these are not redundant questions.

when v1 is ready will 0.6.2 have an end of life or will it continue? is it possible to set another folder for v1 other than ~/.Rack to be able to run both versions without conflicts?

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