Rack v1 development blog

(Andrew Belt) #256

Events of the form event::MouseButton) have been renamed to MouseButtonEvent, etc. If you’ve started porting your code to the v1 API, you can rename them with

perl -pi -e 's/event::(\w+)/$1Event/g' src/*

(Andrew Belt) #257

Dev builds:
Make sure your Rack user directory is backed up and removed before running dev builds.

Post bug reports on https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack/issues

(Andrew Belt) #258

Dependencies have been updated. As always, to make sure your dependencies are up to date, run

git submodule sync
git submodule update
cd dep
make -j8

To really make sure, run make clean before make, which will rebuild all dependencies (15-60 minutes).

(Alfonso Santimone) #259

Thanks for the info Andrew.
What about the status of Fundamental plugins about polyphony?

(Andrew Belt) #260

The following plugins still need cleanup, optimization, and polyphony:
- VCO2
- LFO2
- Delay
- Unity
- Scope
- SEQ3


Just out of curiosity how is polyphony going to work with Scope? One cable in and 16(?) channels of waves?

(Andrew Belt) #262

N blue (or pink) lines will be drawn.

(Andrew Belt) #263

Added https://vcvrack.com/manual/PanelTutorial.html to the manual.

(Marc Boulé) #264

Make sure there is enough space between knobs and ports to put your thumbs between them.

= breath of fresh air, thanks Andrew!

(Marc Boulé) #265

I think that even though the platform is open and everyone is free to design modules as they wish, we should collectively strive to have the best layouts and follow the best standards in our modules, such that it reflects positively on any random new user opening Rack for the first time.

A very inspiring example of this was yesterday in the FB group where two people contributed an improved svg for a new module created by someone else.

In the same vein, I can’t help but remember when I saw Deadmau5 streaming his first steps with VCV Rack a while back, and thinking that any un-polished modules that he opened would reflect negatively on his experience. And I am including myself in this, since if I recall correctly, he didn’t get a single note out of my PhraseSeq16, which was quite revealing to me…

(Phil Golden) #266

Couldn’t agree more best practise coupled with standards would be extremely beneficial for everyone.

(Jim T) #267

Very nice, any suggestions for handling text in the panels?

(Phil Golden) #268

not much to it, object to path

(Jim T) #269

I was thinking about clarity issues, such as colour, size, fonts, positioning (above/below), avoiding blurring etc.
plus any workflow normals: if you’ve got a lot of labels and want to change them, it’s quite hard if you’ve only got the path - you have to delete and recreate them, remembering position/font/exact size etc.

we’ve all got our own solutions, of course. just wondering if there were any official recommendations for the platform.

(Phil Golden) #270

Suppose it boils down to your own workflow. Regarding the path I always keep a backup copy of the text before object to path in the .svg until its about to get uploaded.

(Dave Phillips) #271

Just a note that I successfully ported the ESeries E340 VCO to v1 today, just for fun (no distribution). I wanted to learn about what’s going on at the code level in a v1 module, it was a neat learning experience.


It would be great it this were in the readme. I’m not a git dummy, but updating sub-modules isn’t something I do that often…

(Andrew Belt) #273

Updating dependencies may require different actions depending on the change, so I’ll announce it here each time.
The most general method is to wipe the Rack directory and start over. Particular changes are of course less destructive than that.

(Andrew Belt) #274

Added zooming with Ctrl+scroll wheel (Cmd+scroll wheel on Mac). Zooming is very smooth now and is guaranteed not to lag the screen.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #275

Yay! This is really useful.