Rack v1 builds with improvements

This thread is for sharing Rack with tweaks that not made it in official release.

v.1.16, macOS build github branch

  • real-time priority for engine threads on macOS [–]
  • option to disable ports(lights)


  • Option to pause engine when VCV window loses focus [–]
  • Module browser previews cached [–]
  • Module browser search descriptions [–]
  • Change the color of the cables with Cmd + right click [–]
  • Module browser 0.75 zoom (0.5 default)

Sounds pretty cool! I hope someone compiles it for Windows too! (it’s gonna take too long on my computer)

Got all excited for a moment there, the sluggish module browser winds me up. Built it on linux no problem, module browser zoom is the same, caching (or lack of) is the same, is there a setting somewhere I can’t find? Where should the option to pause when out of focus be? I’m still largely clueless with github so I may well have done something wrong. I used git clone https://github.com/diimdeep/Rack.git Rack-1/, perhaps I need to use a different command to get at the correct branch? Any help appreciated.

After cloning repo you need to switch branch with git checkout features/extra and then rebuild
For pause there is option in menu Engine -> Pause unfocused
For cached previews you need to add/change "keepPreviews": true, in file settings-v1.json


Thank you Dmitry, all working now and so much better. I hope the module browser modifications will find their way into the official VCV.

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Thanks a lot, browser zoom is really useful on a 13" mac book pro !
and pause engine too !

Those module browser fixes sound great.
@ALL: Remember to add your “Works great for me” to those issues in Github, so it becomes visible to Andrew that these fixes are useful.

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Thanks! Looking forwards for windows build!


This is the thing I dream about


still no windows build?

Well it’s not technically difficult to compile, it just takes time. Unfortunately, while my computer is ready for compiling plugins, I know that for Rack itself, it’s gonna take much longer and I didn’t had time to dig that. Maybe I’m not the only one thinking like that :slight_smile:
But yeah, I would love a windows build too!

Here is the build for Windows if anyone interested: https://yadi.sk/d/CRDOQvBhLedToQ


Thanks a lot, that’s an excellent build and I love the new features, hope they’ll make their way to the final version!


so I just stumbled across this thread and was thinking this is would be a perfect test for my conan-cmake based build approach for VCVRack (see also Build VCVRack with Conan and CMake + add CI).

So I merged the extra branch with the work from my branch and let it build on Azure CI server (merged branch is here). Took me 2 minutes. You can find now the Rack-extra build under https://github.com/qno/VCVRack-Release-Demo/releases/tag/Nightly for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Artifacts are called Rack-extra and can be downloaded from this page.

I didn’t test the builds, but it would be nice if someone tries it and can give some feedback if it works. With this I mean, if it is working with regular VCVRack Plugins, as the build process has a complete different approach. I never tested this for MacOS, as I don’t have a Mac.

Have fun!

OK - I tested now the Windows build and it just works out of the box with standard VCV plugins. Just unzip the artifact and click on Rack.exe.
But the online library is disabled, as it seems that the server detects that a development build is running, or something like that.

Thanks for this. Using the Windows build zezic posted. The browser is much faster. I’d love to be able to to use Page Up and Page Down buttons to scroll in the browser if that’d be possible. I’ve got bad wrists and the scroll wheel and scroll bars aren’t as easy as just paging down.

It also seems like the browser caching is per-instance. Would be great if it get written and recalled somewhere until new modules or updates are installed, but that might be considerably more effort.

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Been using it as my binary since it was released… Great work.

+1 for PgUp PgDn

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I really like your build, @diimdeep, it has become my main version for VCV Rack. I really wish your features would make their way to the main version. In the meantime, do you intend to continue updating it now that Rack 1.1.6 is (just) out? I’m just wondering.

Thank you and have a great day!


Likewise, it is now my main version too. I really hope the module browser caching appears in the official release, as is I’ll stick with the modified 1.1.5 for now.

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