Rack Pro 2 WIN only opening in VST??


Hello again friends, Just bought 2 pro because free is awesome, and I wanted the drums and I’m happy to pay for the years of happiness this program provided.

Free worked fine, but Pro only opens as VST. If I open from desktop, it shows up in the taskbar (windows11) but won’t open as a program. Anyone with similar issues?

Yes, I had something similar (win 10). Fixing my ASIO driver chain solved it (I removed Jack and FocusRite). When run as VST, it doesn’t look at the audio drivers apparently, audio input/output is to the DAW instead.

Although I did not even get the taskbar icon. Had to look it up in the task manager to kill it.

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Another possibility is that the window is not on the screen (off to one side). Some people have said that pressing Windows + D a few times would bring a it back in view of your monitor.


Thanks, I’ll try both.

Windows + D DDDDDdddid it!!!

Thank you both for your time, but it seems that @carbon14 sorted me out. Lucky thing because the autre sounded complicated. Time to give these VCV Drums a butcher’s.


Thanks to you too, @GretchenV

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