Rack doesn't start

I did try disabling OneDrive and it made no difference. I solved the problem. I’m sorry but there are not “numerous” times OneDrive was the problem, at least not documented in any way. In fact, doing a search on this forum and on google I can find only 1 documented instance where the user claims OneDrive was interfering and the effect that was attributed to OneDrive seems very unlikely at best and if true his whole system would be basically unusable.

I have been using Rack since version 0.5 and using it on OneDrive the whole time. No problems related to that. I have been on this forum since it was created. If you want to believe that OneDrive is causing problems that’s your right. However, IMHO for people on this forum to point the finger at any piece of software saying it is bad and causing problems without any real evidence at all is irresponsible and can lead people to avoid using what can be a useful program. The fact that a lot of people say something doesn’t make it true. I was only interested in actual facts not rumors.

How ? :smiley:

Here’s another current example for you:

But I think I’ll unsubscribe from this topic, since it seems you’ve decided that OneDrive (or Dropbox og Google drive) cannot be a problem, and thus you’re not open to evidence.

Suit yourself. In the example you provided OneDrive was disabled. The user was attempting to use to but was not signed in and surprise, it didn’t work. What would you expect to happen? All I have said is that if a user is using a properly configured system there does not appear to be any problems, at least none of them have been documented. NONE. At the minimum it is not always a problem as some people seem to think. I am just interested in the facts and the truth. For that I’m attacked and called an idiot. I’m sorry that some of you consider that to be so horrible. Sorry kids, the truth and facts do matter to some people

I have not decided anything, I am just interested in the truth and there is not any evidence to support OneDrive always being a problem. You are the one not open to realizing that you are blaming a piece of software for problems when there is no actual evidence to support that. You have your mind made up and to hell with the facts. That is your prerogative.

Let’s keep it civil.

I agree sorry others don’t

As long as disagreements remain civil and respectful, I think it is healthy to discuss these things. Along these lines is the admonishment “Never use anti-virus software with Rack”. I have always used Malware Bytes (along with MS Defender) with Rack and have never had any problem with that. I feel much safer running AV software.

Same configuration as me, same result.

Hi shofb, we now all know that it was not Onedrive that was blocking rack from running, you said you’ve solved it, what was it ?

It was something with licenses. And no, it was not OneDrive as I checked its logs and it had nothing to do with it.

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