Rack 2 Pro crackling?

I’m running a more than sufficient system that was loving Rack 2 up until today. Patches load much slower than earlier this week, as does the browser (nothing new there), and all of my patches I’ve made from the last week or so have a fuzzy, crackling quality to them, like my CPU can’t keep up, or there’s a wiring problem with my speakers. I checked other audio, no problems there. I uninstalled VCV and reinstalled, that didn’t help. I checked Task Manager while running Rack to see if there was a strain, I was humming at about 3%. I’m running a 12-core AMD with 64gb of DDR4 RAM, on a 1tb Evo970 M2 drive, through a UMC404HD interface. As I’ve said, this system has had 0 problems up until now. Anyone else seeing/hearing anything like this? Help!

I should mention, I’ve checked my levels and nothing is spiking.

You’ve not accidentally changed your sample rate? Maybe caught the menu by accident.

nope, checked that as well funny story though I just ran Windows update, there was one waiting All is fine now stupid PCs

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