Question on dbRackModules HexSeq sequencer

dbRackModules have just been added to my library and I like the concept of HexSeq a lot. As the manual says: “the only thing you must master to remember are the bits of the 16 digits”. How could you resist a module like this? :smiley:

My only issue that it doesn’t seem to work. Am I messing up something?

Test HexSeq.vcv (751 Bytes)


Not working at all for me either - I’m on Mac

I suspect that you got this “normal results” on Mac ;), because on Win it remains silent (I noticed it 3 days before while testing unpublished version of plugins)

Just tried here on linux, seems you have to press enter once you’ve entered your numbers?


Tada! working now :slight_smile:

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Windows 11

LOL…What a secret weapon to get it work ))) Thanx!

Please someone make a screenshot module I can CV trigger :slight_smile:

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By the way, thanks a lot, Jens for your win builds :slight_smile:

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Devs can keep 'em coming - I have 6GB free on my googledrive :slight_smile: If that’s not enough, I will upgrade.

Very nice to know it ) And just one additional question (sorry for using this thread for it): most of your win builds work fine, but I have problems with Starling and Southpole (crashes etc). Any chance of checking them or we need to wait for dev’s updates?

I think you have to wait.

Maybe if i rebuild with the most recent SDK, they will work. I built with SDK 2.0.2 (IIRC). I have submitted a request for the toolchain to be updated. I build manually, if I see an update - but i suggest you check the source to see if an update has been issued.

In the meantime, you can follow these threads:


plugins that are questionable whether there will be V2 updates - #185 by Steve_Russell

Starling Via:

Starling VIA - #20 by LarsBjerregaard

OK, thanks again for clarification ) - definitely I can wait a bit more for them, I just like both too much :wink:

Yep if the numbers are red, you need to press enter and they go black.


Using Enter makes sense. But who knows how much time I needed without your help. :slight_smile: The red isn’t too visible for my old eyes.

Sorry for that, i will update the manual soon to make this clear.

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