Question about Unison and Chords

How can I use the BGA Unison module with a polyphonic oscillator and allow for chords? I have the MIDI-CV set to Polyphonic 16 channels and switching through ‘Reset’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Rotate’ provide no change. The cables are wider which represents polyphony chain, but I am only able to play one note at a time. According to VCV VCA, Unison is using up every channel simultaneously. Is this not possible, or is the only option a “specialty” oscillator with integrated unison, like XFX Waves? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I think that is the case. Bog unison can not handle poly input. Making your own polyphonic synth with unison can be done like this (max 4 voice poly in this case). Use any VCO you like.

Knobs controls the unison (drift).

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Alright, thank you!

I thought the purpose of the Unison module was to do all that in one fell swoop, but I’m mistaken. thanks again.

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The simplest patches for true unison are with Surge XT osc at the moment. They have a voice count control and go up to 16 voices, all available polyphonically, I believe summed stereo at your mixer.


The Surge VCO unison modes are wonderful, also check out the drift setting in their context menu.

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Yes, I agree!

Most of my favorited modules are from Surge XT, BGA & Vult at the moment. Really cool modules. I just wanted to see if there was a convenient way of adding unison to any polyphonic oscillator such as Vult Bleak for lush pad sounds. But, I guess I’d just have to get redundant and have 9 instances of Bleak and hope my processor doesn’t explode. :exploding_head:

Thanks for all the replies!