Question about osdialog


is it possible, in OSDIALOG_OPEN_DIR mode, to open the Dialog to some custom directory path?

Every time I open it, its points to Computer workspace, even if I already choosen a path. Its annoying sometimes if I need to browse quickly on the same-tree folders.

Tried passing the path as second parameter (i.e. osdialog_file(OSDIALOG_OPEN_DIR, "D:", NULL, NULL) but nothing change.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit.


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As far as I remember there is a bug in the Windows code and an open issue on GitHub.

Edit: I opened it myself some time ago…

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Oh, I see. Anyway, I’ve tried your suggestions: " Replacing all / with \\ in path before calling osdialog_file opens the dialog in the expected folder.".

Still, it doesn’t open corerctly: D:\\Productions Probably we need to wait the bugfixing :slight_smile:

Works fine for me. Seq++ uses it to load and save MIDI files, and remember the path in patch. It’s in SequencerModule.cpp in our repo.

Yes, but you are opening “files”. I mean “folder”, with the flag OSDIALOG_OPEN_DIR :wink: Here’s where troubles comes…

Oh, sry. Missed that.

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Also look at this thread, as it looks like there are a couple of open PR’s for osdialog, about it:

Oh Nice, thank you.

@Vortico, any chances to get this change merged?

What PR?

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