Problem - VCV seems to be running but I cannot see it. Help request


I had a patch going and I opened a vst in VCV Host and it seemed to be on a different screen but I’m running it on my Surface Pro 7 with no other screens attached. When I tried to get it to open VCV went … “away”. I can hover over VCV in the task bar and it’s there (but blank). I tried opening a different patch but same problem. I un-installed and did a fresh install but same problem. Ideas?

Edit - Windows 11

When you shift/right click on the taskbar button, can you choose “full screen” “Maximize” ?

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Ding ding ding! Shift / Right click and Maximize is the answer. Never knew about this. Thx much!

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Further to this issue that crops up for me now and then, At the moment I don’t seem to have the option to reduce the size of the Rack window - it’s either full screen or minimized to the task bar. If I click on the double page icon to reduce the size, it just minimizes and I have to Shift + Right Click and Maximize to re-open the screen. Ideas?

When you are maximized can you grab the top


the blue part, and either move it or double click it.

 "windowSize": [
  "windowPos": [

Or you can close Rack, open the settings.json (in the Rack2 folder) and type something useful in the size and position.Save the json and restart rack. As shown above.

No (it’s white in my case) - if I double click it it minimizes and I have to Shift + Right click and Maximize to open it again. I don’t see this settings.json file anywhere…

Sorry it’s in the docs/you/rack2 folder

It should be on top line 5 to 12 of the settings.json EDIT (I thought you could not find the lines but as it turns out you can not find the settings.json).

And what if you click and hold and drag the white part ?

If I double click the white part it minimizes, otherwize I cannot drag it like if it were partially minimized. Not getting your reference in the first sentence…

When I leftclick and hold an pull on the blue band on top I get this

When I let go of the left mouse button it resizes to the shown square.

No mine does not want to do that.

At the bottom ? Where is your log txt ?

Ah yes. Found it… or not… just a sec…

3462 is much to high it’s outside your screen. make it 1000 or something save it and start again.(And don’t post your token (take another screenshot to replace this one)

Still does the same thing at 1000 (and I don’t understand your reference to tokens- but deleted the screen grab).

Can I see the new settings?

what is this token?

Rack uses this to see what you bought and what modules you have. It’s a private thing.

It went back to the 3462… sorry, having stupid issues with snip

Could you set this to false

"windowMaximized": true,