Previewing Samples.

I am currently using VCV rack to try to create my own version of a groove box. I would like to incorporate samples and loops into my workflow possibly using modules like the Nsythi MusicalBox but I cannot seem to find a way to preview samples before loading them. So my question is, is there a way to do this, and if not would it be possible to create some utility that you could place within the rack purely just so you could preview samples before loading them into a sampler. I find that it is not indicative to a good work flow to have to open a folder and then trigger a sample to find the one that I want to use. I have just watched Omri Cohen’s ,excellent as always, video on the MusicalBox and saw that you can load a whole folder and then go through that folder using the next and previous controls, this would be a workaround but poses another question, what is the maximum size of folder that you can load that way. Any replies would be gratefully received.

If I use a MAC I can preview(prelisten) samples directly in the file selector dialog using the spacebar

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Cheers man I’ll give that a try.

Yep - and I believe there’s a 3rd party system extension that adds the same capability to Windows called QuickLook

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Yes that works brilliantly you only have to use the spacebar once to get the player box open and then you can preview all the samples in the folder using the up and down arrows. Cheers for your reply I’m learning new things every day. Just realised I didn’t; say I was on a mac sorry about that.

Just in case you hadn’t seen it…

Cheers. Yes I did know about that and when the new version with the delay fixed on a Mac has been put into the library I will use it a lot especially now I know how to preview samples in the file browser using the space bar.

I will be working hard to solve that problem for you, @lawnland ! See: Custom file browser for loading audio samples using code?


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Thats looks really good thank you for all your effort.