Custom file browser for loading audio samples using code?

Hello! I’m considering creating an embedded sample browser in my groovebox module that looks like this:

I know that there are a number of functions for file and folder management in rack::system. I would use these functions for listing files and directories, and navigating between folders.

One thing that I don’t see is the ability to access different drives. For example, I’ve recently started using a (big) thumb drive for storing my samples, which is drive “D”.

Has anyone played around with this idea before?


This may or may not help, but on my Mac, above the level of my system hard disk which is called “Macintosh HD”, I have my computer name “Steve’s Mac” for example - if I’m in Rack and I open a load/save dialog from a module, If I go back up to “Steve’s Mac”, all my different drives are listed and I can drill down from there.

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Maybe you can send a FR to and ask @Vortico to add the needed feature.

I think this would then be a Windows-only feature. On MacOS and Linux a “drive” is just a mount-point inside the OS filesystem. So everything stems from the same root in the end. (there is no need to “step out” to another “drive”. you just navigate inside the OS to that particular storage mount-point)

Only on Windows is there this concept of moving to different root folders (even though likely on the OS level itself the drives are still mounted somewhere … I assume).