presets for whole patch?

so I noticed that once I have built my nice synth, I wiggle the knobs and find lots of sweet-spots, currently I am saving them as patches with progressing v.0.x number scheme, but I feel like it would be intuitive to have a preset function for the whole patch, yet I could not find it, am I missing something or does this really not exist yet? basically I would like to browse through presets, ideally controlled by cv? - looks like stoermelder’s plugins are a way to go for this, albeit a bit on the clumsy creative side of things, which is not bad in any way, just not as streamlined as it could be. so how are you dealing with presets? are you just using automation or other means?

edit: ok nvm, looks like I need to look into 8face mk2 Stoermelder for Rack 2? - #28 by chaircrusher