Preferred audio module for jack audio

I’ve been using VCV Audio8 for over a year now, set to jack or bridge I often get clicks & pops thanks to xruns and other stuff running, mixbus, assorted u-he and other synths, chrome etc. Out of curiosity I’ve just tried the Skrylar jack IO module and suddenly all is well, not a xrun in sight, though nothing else has been changed. What gives? Is there an issue with jack in Audio8? What are other linux users experiences / preferred setups? Until now I’ve always had to shut chrome down during serious sessions to avoid unwanted noises but this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Skrylar. It’s a pain not using bridge though as my connections no longer persist between instances of rack, I have to reconnect every time I restart rack, any way around that?

Qjackctl has a patchbay function where you can save connections so they automatically connect when started. I find it it a bit fiddly but it works. There are a few other ways as well, a commandline one although I can’t remember the name of it now.

I use Carla and am pretty happy with it… also allows you to save connections and also acts as a VST host, so you can load up other things and patch em in etc.

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I use Claudia, I prefer use the audio 16 or 8 since the development of skjak is quite unstable, you can save “studios” on Claudia and it will remain the connections among all your devices including the vcv rack (the workflow is , first load the studio then run your software )

I use two different “defaults” setups, one for only the rack , and one for rack + renoise (16 inputs) and some times I add to the “rack solo” set up , the Calf compresor and eq

one of the greats Claudia features is the Cadence Render that allow realtime and the freewheel , it is super nice

I used Carla, but to me it Crash a lot especially running the rack on it (launched as Carla aplication ) perhaps because is a experimental feature

What are other linux users experiences / preferred setups?

I recently gave up using Jack at all (I liked Jack’s approach at first, but in practice I find it tedious to set up and use, and I got tired of the issues with my system). I’m now using Alsa as the audio driver for Rack and I get noticeably better performances. Update: in general I got mixed results, but I’m currently using Jack, more details here.