Porting Squinky Labs to v2

I’ve run into a variety of problems not covered in the v1 to v2 migration instructions. Before getting in any deeper I want to find out if anyone else is working on the port.

So, anyone else working on getting Squinky into v2 ?

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Yes, I am working on it and I have it fully compiled. This doesn’t mean of course that it all works perfectly but I hope to able to share a first version today.



Is anyone willing to host a GitHub fork? I fixed a few compilation issues last night before thinking there’s probably lots of people doing this same thing.

I also gave it a shot, however was waiting for @robert.kock to see if he was already well into it, which is now confirmed to be so. Good news! Thanks Robert! @dlphillips I see you already have Squinky forked?

I’m working on it with no issues so far. @dlphillips Which of your problems are not covered in the migration instruction in particular?

@fractalgee - As far as I know, I don’t have it forked, sorry. I’m waiting for Robert’s code too. :slight_smile:

oh, thought I saw you there when I checked who already had it forked, and Robert did not fork it, Maybe you should @robert.kock so this can be tracked and eventually submitted to the library once all issues that may arise are sorted and we are nearing v2 release. That way any pull request could be integrated and such making for neat and clean way to port it?

I had a bunch of renamed functions, refactored stuff that was flagged. I don’t that much worry about deprecated warnings, but maybe might as well clean those up to be future proof? Not sure how you are not having any issues, what OS are you on? On Windows the compile bails rather quickly here

@Ahornberg Here’s what I’m getting for errors. Maybe I missed something obvious ?

In file included from ./dsp/utils/LookupTable.h:4:0,
                 from ./dsp/utils/ObjectCache.h:3,
                 from ./dsp/generators/BasicVCO.h:12,
                 from ./composites/Basic.h:4,
                 from src/BasicModule.cpp:7:
./dsp/utils/LookupTable.h: In member function ‘void LookupTableParams<T>::_dump() const’:
./util/SqLog.h:19:114: error: too few arguments to function ‘void rack::logger::log(rack::logger::Level, const char*, int, const char*, const char*, ...)’
 #define SQINFO(format, ...) rack::logger::log(rack::logger::INFO_LEVEL, __FILE__, __LINE__, format, ##__VA_ARGS__)
./dsp/utils/LookupTable.h:243:9: note: in expansion of macro ‘SQINFO’
         SQINFO("_dump lookup");


In file included from src/BasicModule.cpp:9:0:
src/ctrl/SqMenuItem.h:70:35: error: ‘struct rack::engine::Engine’ has no member named ‘setParam’; did you mean ‘setFrame’?
         ::rack::appGet()->engine->setParam(module, paramId, newValue);


In file included from src/BasicModule.cpp:9:0:
src/ctrl/SqMenuItem.h:80:42: error: ‘struct rack::engine::Engine’ has no member named ‘getParam’; did you mean ‘getFrame’?
         return ::rack::appGet()->engine->getParam(module, paramId) > .5;
In file included from src/BasicModule.cpp:11:0:
src/ctrl/SqWidgets.h: In member function ‘virtual void SqPortBase::onEnter(const Enter&)’:
src/ctrl/SqWidgets.h:64:31: error: ‘paramTooltip’ is not a member of ‘rack::settings’
         if (::rack::settings::paramTooltip && !tooltip && !toolTipString.empty()) {

I got the first modules in…

Adding more now, I will make the code available somewhere today.


So nice to see those big blue knobs in V2 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work on this, everyone!


So, these are the modules I was able to compile and make available (for now). I think I am missing 3 mixers that I have to look at separately. I will do some more tests and upload a windows version soon, for anyone to look at.


Thanks for doing this! Can you fork the repo so you can after all is dusted submit it to the library close to when v2 drops officially? That way all the changes and code updated is there so the lib team can build of latest of your commits

Please find below a link to the beta-beta-beta release of squinkylabs for rack V2.

At the moment only available for windows. I appreciate any feedback, but please keep in mind this is a very early release. Sometimes it causes a crash when closing Rack.


Great job - Is there a repo I can build from for Mac please?


I fixed the issue causing a message that rack crashed when closing rack, which was caused by one of the modules. Enjoy your testing.


OK, quick test of Shaper and SFZ Player went smooth as butter, and no crash on exit. That appears truly fixed. Thanks!!

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Excellent - thank you!

can you change the README.md on that forked repo a bit to indicate that you adopted it and this is the v2 update the SquinkyLabs won’t be doing due to other time needs? Or some such?