Polyphony & Modulation

duelingRandos.vcv (37.0 KB)
One thing I notice: If a patch is full of randomness, but you constrain it in muscially useful ways - in this case quantizing pitches and triggering on the beat grid - it can sound way more intentional than it has any right to.

One question: To do per-voice random modulation I use multiple utilities plugged into a polyphonic merge. Does anyone have a more elegant way to do this? I could do it with a few ZZC SSH-8 since you can get 8 random values at once from a single trigger.


Well, you can use the S&H from BogAudio which is small and has two units (plus you can set the range in the right click menu), but you can also utilize Utilities a bit more. You can send the S&H to the invert and rectify section so you have another source, and from there you can send both to the logic section and get 2 more sources which are sort of related. What you can also do is use the S&H from ML in conjunction with the noise module from BogAudio fro example. The S&H from ML is also polyphonic btw. And another thing, but I’m not so sure, I think that the only polyphonic inputs on the WAVE oscillator are the pitch and wave position. I’m pretty sure that the 3 mods are not polyphonic so you cannot use polyphonic cables with those.

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The FREE clock from The Klirrfactory has way more random triggers/gates (48) possible with the 3rd random mode. Just connect the 4X Clocked output to it’s clock input.

The problem is the start of the chain that tells modules how much polyphany there is. You could use Vult Leakage with several triggers into Merge. Then send the poly cable into Leakage to get however many signals you want.

This screenshot should be more clear:

As I say, at some point you have to indicate how many channels of Polyphony you want.


Hi, I had the same thoughts about that but @Coirt answered that for me at XFX WAVE: Multichannels for the 3 Mods?.

I like this. Always a new way to patch things :+1:

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deulingrandos3.vcv (45.7 KB)
I took another bite of the apple. This time I used 8 ZZC SH-8 S&H modules for generating random modulations, and a Hetric Random Gates for triggers.

There are also 8 Utilities modules, but they’re only used as rectifiers. Is there a more compact and or multichannel/polyphonic rectifier?

Things randomly modulated via VCV Verge Modules:

  • Basal Mod1 & Mod2
  • Spank Envelope Delay
  • Freak A & B Cutoff
  • Freak Resonance – this is ‘double attenuated’ through a Vult Knob to try and keep it right on the edge of self-oscillation, to add some ‘ghost notes.’

The main Vult Freak cutoff is modulated by note pitch as well.

Count Modula Rectifier is polyphonic ! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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