XFX WAVE: Multichannels for the 3 Mods?

I was experimenting again with XFX WAVE v1.0.1 and hit a curious issue. I send 4 notes via MERGE to XFX WAVE since it’s polyphonic. But I thought I could use MOD1’s LP filter separately for each channel.
I used a second MERGE module where channels 1, 3, 4 were controlled by one voltage (TRIGGER MK1) and channel 2 with a second voltage. I got this idea from watching a video on VULT modules.

However, it seems MOD1 will only use the signal from channel 1 and use it on all 4 outputs - that is, there are no individual MODs for each output.

Is this by design or a bug? I went to Blamsoft’s web page but they don’t have a github issues page.


Hi Chris, the only channels that can be controlled by polyphony are the FM input and the v/oct. The MOD inputs are global across all channels it is just how the engine and the display, showing the wave, works.

However F-35 is capable of modulating all channels independently with polyphony. Not sure that @Blamsoft is active here, you could try the email address for a feature request:

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Thanks Phil. I’m just trying to understand how WAVE functions and your explanation agrees with what I see. Good tip regarding F-35 :+1: