Polyphonic sample & hold with MIDI keyboards

I was looking for a module but it seems I was unable to find it:
If I play my MIDI keyboard the module should hold the last played notes. It is easy in the monophonic case with any sample & hold module but I was not able to do it in the polyphonic case, especially when the number of notes change. Say, after a three note chord I just want to play the root…
Any suggestions? Which module did I miss?

Hi Ben, doesn’t the simple arrangement below solve your requisite? Here I can play, for example, an E-G-B triad, then add a C (root node) to have the full chord sustain. Or do am I missing some points with the question?

Thanks for your reply, I did not test it with the ML module, I will try it later.
The point of my question is, what happens if you want to move on to the next chord? How to „release“ the full chord afterwards and play only the root note?

Edit: After thinking about it how I would implement this myself I suggest combining the polyphonic gates with a logical „or“. The sample & hold should work with gates instead of triggers, so notes can be added as long the keys are held down…


I think that the bottleneck is the Midi CV it will always output cv for the numbers of channels you set it on. So even when you play 1 note it will output 6 channels. If this was/could be set to automatic, it would be easy with the Quantum module or something else. Just my 2 cents. And a useless screenshot :

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This works :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:

PolyholdStoerm-03062020.vcv (8.8 KB)

Fine-tune to taste…


This does not work at all :wink: BTW Thanks