Poly Clock/Gate -> Mon Clock/Gate

So kind of the opposite of the question I was asking here, anyone know of a module (or set of modules) that could take multiple gate/CV values and and output the CV value from the most recent gate input.

Something kind of like this but with more than 2 inputs:

What about a polyphonic logic module like Count Modula’s Min/Max?


That is sort of what I want but not quite.

The problem with that is it will just take the highest note. What I want is the most recent note as defined by when the corresponding gate happened.

Sure, here you go:

Gate Combiner.vcvs (9.9 KB)

It sounds like you need a “radio button” selector, but the closest I can find to one is Strum’s “MentalRadioButtons”

But with a cursory look at it, it does not behave at all as I would expect – inputs normalled downward, outputs of 0V or 10 V only, and I’m still not sure why some buttons are momentary and some are latched – nor does it have CV control over selection without a utility like Stoermelder’s “µMap”.