Mono Clock and CV to Poly Clock and CV to allow Ring Out

So I have a sequencer generating a high BPM gate and V/Oct signal but the voice I’m using has has a long tail and I wanted to let each note ring out longer. So I made this little patch to take a mono gate and CV and map it to a polyphonic gate and V/Oct.

My basic question, does anyone know a single module that can do this?

How it works. The gate is run into the step and in of a 1 to 8 switch. The outputs of the switch toggle individual sample and holds on the V/Oct. Then the gates and V/Octs are bundled into polyphonic signals.

BOGAudio Assign

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Yep, you beat me to it! I was also thinking of adding a poly option to the Arpeggiator I’m working on, but this Bogaudio module is a much better solution, as it let’s you pick how much polyphony you want.

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So that’s what that is for …

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I’ve been using Grande’s TAILS module for this - if I’m not mistaken it only assigns up to six voices though


I like using Tails too, but under some conditions it doesn’t give polyphonic gates or some such. I forget exactly when, maybe it was following Hampton Harmonic’ ARP or Entrian’s Timeline. I was only getting the first of several overlapping notes. I think my solution for one situation was “oh, it’s already polyphonic, so I did not need Tails in this instance after all”.

Even so, it’s still my go-to module.

PS: The “Chans” knob goes up to 5. It’s usually plenty for me.

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