Poll: When cloning a cable with Ctrl+click, should the color be copied as well?

(Cmd+click on Mac)


  • Yes, copy the color of the original cable.
  • No, cycle through colors as usual.

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BIG YES to copying the cableColor… but the the original cycle through colour behaviour should definitely not be changed. I requested this functionality with Ctrl + Shift to copy the cableColor for this reason, it is nice to have the random colour choice when cloning the output/input.

Then you should vote “no” to this poll.

Unfortunately it was a misclick and I can’t change the vote. But thinking about more… so long as the cycle color is still there (Ctrl + Shift) the copied cableColor might be more useful on Ctrl.

You can change your vote by clicking “Hide results” and then choose your new option.

I am not adding multiple key commands. Choose your desired option for the default and only behavior when cloning cables.

You’re losing functionality not having it mapped to a combination of keys not gaining it!

I don’t understand this sentence. Can you elaborate?

This poll is for changing the behavior of cloning cables.

I have read that issue. What I don’t understand is the grammar and meaning of your above sentence.

The poll is now very biased. If there was an option for a combination of keys from the start this option might have made things clear for everyone and made things very clear for yourself.

Ctrl and drag is mapped to copying the cable, which is excellent functionally. Building up on this functionality is the natural progression to making an improvement. As the CTRL key is already mapped to copy the cable, adding the functionality of copying the cableColor makes sense to be a different combination of keys: i.e. CTRL + SHIFT for fine tuning a param. Copying the cable colour is a fine adjustment for continuity ctrl + shift is why I suggested the feature.

Thanks for elaborating. What you’re explaining is not what this poll is about. My poll prompt is very clear, so I believe there is no bias.

When the user clones a cable with Ctrl+click (Cmd+click on Mac), I can implement one of the following behaviors: The cloned cable can either copy the color of the original cable, or the cloned cable can cycle through colors as usual. You are welcome to suggest improvements to the clarity of this prompt.

That’s exactly why it is a biased poll.

It is a difference of opinion here, which is not included in the poll. You’ve obviously made up your mind already about the feature request so you can either close the issue on GitHub or include the original request in the poll. But it is not very encouraging for future feature requests on improvements.

I’m not following you. Like I said, if you feel that the prompt is biased or unclear in any way, feel free to make a suggestion. This poll has nothing to do with your feature request, stop trying to make it that way. For the third time, this poll is about whether or not the color of a cable should be cloned when a cable is cloned. If you think it’s about anything else, you have misunderstood the prompt. I will implement the most popular behavior when the poll is closed.

Just a small suggestion (I don’t really care about cable colors…):
How about keeping the current behavior on ctrl+left click and add the “clone color” behavior on ctrl+right click?


Andrew, I totally understand the poll,
but people never like to give up habits,
so the poll might make many feel like loosing functionality,
when they think it would be easy to add (expand) the functionality by just adding a shortcut for copying the cable colors.

I won’t add a new key command to ports because the extra cognitive load is not worth the extremely minor change in behavior between the two options in this poll. I will not consider a no third option for “both”, otherwise I would have added it in the first place.

That’s why it’s a poll. If you feel that my proposed change is a net negative, you should vote “no”.

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I agree, fine with me :+1:

I guess a good question to ask is… Is Ctrl + Click to copy a cables colour the absolute best it can be. My informed opinion is no its not. Ctrl + Right mouse is also another very valid suggestion and an improvement for copying the colour.

I would have to disagree the request on GitHub has everything to do with this poll! Would you have thought of ctrl + click without that request? I’d gladly submit a PR if you accepted them @Vortico. There is absolutely no extra cognitive load with ctrl + shift, in fact it reinforces behaviour users are already used to. However mapping it to ctrl and not allowing for the cycle through colours will cause frustration.

For example: if you use a different colour for modulation and the modulation happens to be at audio rate do you drag a cable from an arbitrary port just to get the correct colour for modulation, then go back to the arbitrary port to connect it to the output? That is not a workflow improvement… Do you use a 3rd party tool just to colour that cable, again not an improvement.

I think we should agree to disagree here! But you would be changing behaviour that will still be very much used.

I’m not sure you fully understand this poll, so just cast your vote and move on.

From early results, it appears that users want the color to be copied when cables are cloned, so I have gone ahead and added this feature to Rack v2. Anyone can continue voting for the next day.

You keep saying this and it is extremely insulting. I’ve already voted and I’m woefully against the idea for all of the above reasons. I was among the first voters!

Everyone does want to copy a cable colour including myself but personally speaking not the way you are implementing it.