Poll: When cloning a cable with Ctrl+click, should the color be copied as well?

I hate to be blunt, but unfortunately VCV Rack is used by many people, not just you. I can’t make everyone perfectly happy, but what I can do is utilize democracy to make the most popular decision when I encounter “on-the-fence” decisions like this. If I bikeshed every tiny decision like this, it would take me 12 years to release Rack v2, so I’m not interested in discussing additional options. I don’t have the time. That’s why I decided on two reasonable options for this poll, so I can look at the poll results later, make a decision based on it, and move onto other things.

I like polls, and I think most people like polls. It allows software users to contribute their opinions in order to make real changes to the direction of a software project, even if they have no programming experience. But when every single poll I do encourages people to whine “I want to do it a third way!” or “We should have both under a setting or key command!”, it makes me regret having them and not just deciding on my favorite, in a dictatorship fashion. The software might turn out better if I did that, but the way I’m doing it now is to give users a chance to vote.


For people like Omri who use specific colors for specific functions this would be a boon.

Despite what you might think the reason for the feature request I submitted was to find the best possible option that is and will be available for everyone. Like you said VCV Rack does have many users not just 1!!

We can go on all day here… but there is no on the fence decision here, there’s just your way or not, like I said earlier; your opinion of the best implementation has biased the poll. Why? Because people are either afraid to disagree or are just not seeing another possible solution. Which is unavailable as an option in your poll! Polls are great for getting quick decisions but not when there is confirmation bias involved in the equation.

Lets just leave it there and agree to disagree!

When have I suggested that I prefer “yes” or “no” to this poll, or biased it toward either direction in any way?

IHMO, only people who do color code stuff by purpose care at all, and “Yes” is probably a good default for that group. I generally have a WM-101 handy anyway. Reasonable minimal defaults that don’t get in the way of specialized tools for power users is a great setup.

I do not mind. I’m not going to vote. :v:

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I dont really use colour coding and I never thought about i much but its nice to learn there is some thought put into it. If there would be any order to it I would prefer the collour cycle is reset everytime when ctrl is clicked so eg blue is always 1 click, green is always 2 clicks etc. Applying logic like that, I cant see me needing the proposed functionality in the poll but I’ll leave it to those who need it most to vote for it, and am happy to use it as it is for now. Just looking forward to V2 :slight_smile:

With 85% over 55 votes, it’s pretty clear that Rack should clone colors when cloning cables (by Ctrl+clicking the input port that a cable is connected to). This makes it easy to set up cables like this:

(Note that with VCV Mutes, you don’t ever need to do this because all inputs are normalized to the one above it, but you get the idea.)


I think what Vortico is implying is that the ctrl+shift click would be better reserved for some other more substantive functionality in the future, as color is not one of the most important features