Plugins that are built for Rack v2

Have posted this in the Announcement thread but will add here just in case some haven’t seen it. Built using Rack-SDK-2.git.b04e4117 testing in Rack-2.git.b04e4117-win


@Steve_Russell given only change needed was to bump version number in plugin.json (and make sure cases match on Brand etc, between that and the parasites port which netboy3 hosts the v1 branch for. Would be good to collect both into a v2 branch on either of your forks, so that that then can be submitted to library for them to build close to launch. Will be good to have them return after absence in v1 (albeit community builds available, but causing many folks to ask where they are. Would save on that as well :wink:

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Starling Via plugin builds here too. Untested though.

I think what would be best is for both branches - my v1 (which has a few more fixes and general updates) and netboy’s v1-parasites - each have a separate repo, this was something I mentioned to netboy when we were porting for v1.

I’ve already made a couple of little changes so that the correct panels show in the v2 module browser.

I’ll look into doing this maybe later this week. If it turns out well you’ll be the first to know! :wink:


Nick Feisst’s polyphony version of Animated Circuits’ Folding module builds using Rack-SDK-2.git.b04e4117. Currently testing in Rack-2.git.b04e4117-win, seems good.

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I don’t see a single plugin build here that specifies the Rack version number that it was built against. That’s a sure way to create massive confusion before the ABI is stable. EDIT: Actually DanTModules does. Follow his example, or mine. Rack development blog - #70 by Vortico


Blur was built against and tested in VCV Rack Community Edition 2.git.b04e4117. Info added to original post.

If anyone is interested, I have updated my modular80 plugin to v2.

While I was at it, I added 1V/Oct pitch mode to the Radio Music module. That should pretty much complete the feature set for that module to match the hardware one.

Give it a try and let me know if there are any issues. No builds, just code. Tested against Rack 2.git.5c47e6e0.


That’s pretty cool. Even have real tooltips for the jacks. I’ve never used these modules. Is it normal that the reset button doesn’t flash when you press it?

either way works, but needs sorting, so it can neatly be pushed to library for building near release

@Squinky.Labs It does flash, but only after you set a root directory with samples in it :wink:

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I’ve built Rack on Mac @steve

I am putting my mac builds into a single gh repo for anyone who wants to test them out.

Currently includes:

  • 21kHz (including Palm Loop osc)
  • Befaco dev branch
  • Circlefade
  • Southpole
  • Southpole Parasites

Thank you!! I will try these out today.

The southpole you link to is an old version of Southpole that crashes upon right click of CornrowsX.

Who is this meant for? Me?

EDIT: OK, I see what you mean. I have found the problem. My fork has the fix. @fractalgee if you want to rebuild from my fork this should fix it. Pls test if you can and let me know. @dlphillips, @Steve_Russell fyi

okidoki, let me check in a bit, and I’ll report back. Hadn’t tested CornrowsX I must admit, but Annuli and both Smokes (Parasites and not) were… Good you found that @pgatt , I now remember that that happened a long long while back and someone fixed it but can’t find that now…

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There is no v2 branch, was this the 1.0x version @flyingLow ?

yes. you still have to update the plugin.json.

@flyingLow , maybe I am losing it, but from your v1 branch with plugin.json version-bumped gets all the way to Splash and then:

src/Splash.cpp:6:10: fatal error: tides/generator.h: No such file or directory
    6 | #include "tides/generator.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
make: *** [../../../ build/src/Splash.cpp.o] Error 1