Plugins that are built for Rack v2

I really appreciate it, thank you! Maybe it’s better to wait for the release though. Things change too often so there’s a need to build everything again and again… I found a few builds though so, for now, it’s ok :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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Has anyone taken a look at theXor modules?

I had a quick go and couldn’t get very far.

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I’m happy to announce that 21kHz and MSM are now both fully ported to V2. Binary builds are available on their respective release sections for all platforms and were built against RackV2 git version 219bbaf1.


sweet, thanks!

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Nice to see them @netboy3!

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I wonder if “somebody should” maintain a new thread/list of “plugins that are being ported to v2 by other devs with permission from owners”. Doing so might avoid some duplicate effort. Also make it easier to sort out the legalities if/when these modules are submitted to v2 library.

I would hope that peoples’ open source projects are left to their developers for a reasonable period of time to deal with. After some amount of abandonment it would be appropriate for others to take over the projects. I believe this has been discussed extensively in other threads.

Yes, I know that. But:

  1. The previous VCV policy of allowing this has been revoked. Now the plugin rule of ethics applies, so a dev can not re-release someone else’s plugins (in the library) without changing the branding and panels. Unless they have a wavier from the “owner” of these things.

  2. It would be a shame for more than one dev to do this at the same time.

Of course if someone forks a repo and doesn’t ever submit to the VCV library, then those rules don’t apply. So it may be important, or at least interesting, for VCV users to know if a plugin is coming to v2 as something they must build themselves, or as something that will probably be in the library.

Actually, I don’t think these issues have been discussed extensively already.


SubmarineFree is now fully ported to v2. There are no pre-built binaries available yet, I hope to upgrade my CI pipelines soon.

The source is in the v2 branch of the github page.


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OSC’elot is now available for v2:


is author of GitHub - Skrylar/skjack-vcv: First-class JACK support for VCV Rack here on forum ? repository is read-only, so won’t be ported to v2 I presume …

I just got word from Leonardo Gabrielli, that his plugins will be ported to Rack v2:

“There is only a small fix required, that I haven’t yet uploaded to the git repository. For the rest, the book is 100% compatible with Rack v2. I haven’t updated the git repo because Rack’s default branch is still v1. When it will be v2 I will update my repository too.”

github issue

update for rack v2 beta · Issue #5 · LOGUNIVPM/VCVBook · GitHub


Here are some v2 plugins that which did compile with the previous build, but I get errors on when building against the latest 588342d7:

Befaco, Bidoo, Count Modula and Chow DSP

Has anyone been able to build these against latest version?

Edit: Befaco and Chow DSP compiling fine now.

I’m working on the build errors for CM. The latest API version made some stuff that I use in the colour palette module inaccessible to modules so it no longer builds. I’ve been talking to Andrew about it and am now waiting on a new API release which will resolve the issue.


Befaco and ChowDSP work for me.

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Befaco fails hard compiling under Win10 for latest Beta here as well, as do the others @steve found…

Here are the results with the rack-plugin-toolchain:

  • Befaco, Bidoo, CountModula don’t build
  • ChowDSP builds

I would be interested in seeing the compile error(s) for ChowDSP though (if any).

In file included from src/ChowDer/BaxandallEQ.cpp:1:
**src/ChowDer/BaxandallEQ.hpp:4:10:** **fatal error:** **'wdf_t.h' file not found**
#include <wdf_t.h>

Edit - looks like I had not done a “git submodule update --init --recursive” after pulling.

After doing that it compiles.