Plug in fail to load NYSTHI

Hi I took Nysthi on the plugin manager and when I update plugin and then reload, I have this message!



where did you get the nysthi folder/plugins ? From the plugin manager?

what’s the version of RACK you are using ? 0.6.x ?

what’s the system you are running ?

Post the bottom of your log.txt – it will tell you what the problem is. One way to deal with this would be to delete /Rack/plugins/NYSTHI and then go through “Update Plugins” again.

Yes I get the plug in from the plugin manager

hello I use VCV Rack 0.6.0 version
I’m on mac mojave 10.14.5


I already did the erase and update plugin again but nothing work
here is the log.txt
many thanks for your time .

you should use RACK 0.6.2c (last official release)

If ever you can reproduce this one and solve it Antonio, I’d very much like to know how you fixed it. I can compile and link my Impromptu 1.0 across all platforms, and it runs in Win and Linux, yet in Mac I get the same kind of error as step-art above, although with another symbol name (symbol not found).

but this seems to me related to ABI incompatibility
the MenuSeparator is in RACK code

for you:
time to time I get strange errors, only to discover that I’ve redeclared a class of the same kind in another module with the same name
maybe is related ?

Ok, I will check for this, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, did you ever find a solution to your panel rendering issue?

I found the workaround to my “symbol not found” error. I knew compilers/linkers could be weird, but this one takes the cake. In my struct (in the .hpp) I have this:

static const int MAX_STEPS = 32;

In a method of that struct (in the .cpp) I have this:

int endi = std::min(MAX_STEPS, stepn + count); // stepn and count are both ints

If I cast MAX_STEPS to int, it fixes the problem…

int endi = std::min((int)MAX_STEPS, stepn + count);

very weird. As I said above, the first (non-cast) version compiles and links correctly on all 3 platforms, and runs correctly on Win and Linux, but not Mac. Not hard to add the casts, but still… :thinking:

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Many Thanks for your answers, I will try to install the new vcv rack 0.6.2C, and if it don’t work try out the others solutions.

Thanks guys

Ok it work with the new version0.6.2C


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no I was unable to solve the superzoomed problem

had it in 3 modules

in 2 of them I was able to use standard labels

the third one was only a blank panel that’s going to die

LUCKY me that I was able to port modules doing transforms and offscreens ! :sweat_smile:

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Looks like something on the mac thinks that a const int and an int are different types? Sometimes those kinds of errors are easier to see if you explicitly put in the type, like std::min<int>(a, b). But I agree, that’s a weird one!

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