NYSTHI v1 panel SVG rendering issue

I’m having problem in V1 accessing the SVG of the panel

In some of my modules .SVG panel files I have some of the path TAGGED and I access to them (using TAGs as reference) to set opacity to 0 and 1 (to make things appear and disappear)

when I do the same tricks on the V1 the SVG panel appear to change the xform and seems to become 300%

I see this

but I should see this:

is anybody experiencing the same problem and maybe solved it ?

I had a problem similar to this, although I was not using tags or anything. I had a dynamic panel that would allow me to switch between light and dark skins, and I noticed a similar issue when I ported to 1.0. In the end, I didn’t solve the problem, since I opted to go back to a simpler method. In my case, I simply added two SvgPanels and toggled their visible states to show the proper one. From what I was able to determine, setting visible to false is very fast for the unused panel. Long story short: in your case you might want to look in the direction of FramebufferWidget's oversample variable, perhaps something has changed related to that. Good luck Antonio!

thanks for the tip
going to check it!

no solution til now
accessing to the SvgPanel gives always big images

but is not something related to the direct access to the shapes, it’s related to the flag DIRTY

if I set it to TRUE, the image appear scaled

Zoom in and back out again. Does this fix it?

tested zooming IN and OUT
there is not correction after the zoom

but there is this behaviour

  1. I change the zoom of RACK

  2. the module present the wrong UI

  3. I click on a param that should change the UI (as in v 0.6)
    this click (I’m 100% sure) sets “dirty“ on the panel
    and is correctly presented!

  4. as soon as I reclick the param and I set again dirty the panel, the visual incongruence comes back