Performance of Rack on 2018 Mac Mini?

(Fbeecher) #1

Hey all.

Curious if any of you are running VCV Rack on a 2018 Mac Mini. I’m looking at the i7 model because running it on my MacbookPro instantly kicks the fans on high. I’m wondering if it has the same effect on the new Mini.


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(Matthew D Gantt) #2

Oh dang i’ve been wondering the exact same thing!


For info, Rack works definitively better on my Mac Mini 2012 i5 2,5 16 Go than on my MBP 2015 i5 2,7 , 8 Go. :wink:

(Andyguttridge123) #4

Hi there - first time poster here.

I’ve just been getting into VCV Rack. It runs really well on my 2009 Mac Pro, which has an NVidia GTX750 Ti graphics card which I added a few years ago.

I’m pretty much stuck on High Sierra though (which could be OK except that I want to keep XCode up to date), unless I get a new graphics card, so I’m looking at the 2018 i7 Mac Mini.

CPU wise this machine would run rings around the Mac Pro, but I think the Intel integrated graphics would be well underpowered in comparison to the GTX750 Ti. So it’s not a completely straight upgrade.

I know that VCV Rack thrives on a decent GPU, so I’m a bit unsure about whether the Mac Mini will be OK for VCV Rack.

Does anyone have any advice on this?

Many thanks