Performance of Rack on 2018 Mac Mini?

Keep us posted, will ya?

Starting VCV 1.0 with it’s default rack immediately pegs my Dell XPS 13 9370 GPU to 90% (Intel 620 graphics) and stays there. Instantly kicking the fans on 100% with literally nothing happening in the program. No sound, no interactions etc. All this while it’s i7 CPU is at .01%. Might as well just light a match under the laptop and keep it there. WTF.

Something is seriously amiss with how they are handling, well- everything IMO.

When these three things come together on a computer running Rack you will have problems: hi res screen, onboard graphics, poor thermals.

You can probably improve things a bit by adjusting resolution. I’ve never done this on Windows but I just googled this - which may help:

Also, adjust the frameratelimit down in settings-v1.json. See the ‘unofficial guide’ section on graphics.


Heh I will. But it will be next April. :slight_smile: