Path Set x Omri Cohen

Happy to share the work @Omri_Cohen and I have been doing on a mushroom themed collection of samplers and loopers.

The premium collection contains three feature packed modules:

  • Panther Cap, a polyphonic granular sampler and looper
  • Truffles, sample slicer with dedicated send and return per slice.
  • Hyphae, mini loopers with deep modulation potential.

The free collection contains the little cousins, Truffle and Hyphae.

View the full color manuals and submit bugs.

And a special thanks to everyone who helped test the modules so far :heart: :mushroom:


wahey this looks amazing!

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Hooray! Congrats on the release! This is such a great set of modules!

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So. Good.

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Lovely looking manuals! Looking forward to playing with these :slight_smile:



Will buy them as soon as I’ll return home to support Your great work.

Unfortunately lately I’ve got so little spare time to play with VCV but Your work deserve respect and support everytime.

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so cool! had no idea you guys were working on this together. just picked up my copy :smiley:


Wait, where’s Omri’s video on it? :wink:

‘Polyphonic granular sampler and looper’ sounds very interesting!


Yeah, trying to find video demos of it frantically here :laughing: … Of course I already bought it all the same, haha. Great set!

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If everything goes well, I will publish today a short overview of the modules, and then on Monday a full video about PantherCap. I will then work on individual videos about Truffles and Hyphae :slight_smile: In any case, feel free to ask any questions you might have. I will be happy to try and help you out :slight_smile:

We’ve been working on this collection for almost a year now, and I’m super excited it’s finally out!


That sounds great! Congratulations on the release :slightly_smiling_face: , and yeah, personally I first read through the manual, then just went… “yep, this is great” (as can be expected from a collab like this) and bought 'em, annnnd now that I’m trying them out, indeed I’m very happy.


Cheers for the video Omri, and Andrew for another great set of options! I just tried the free version initially but will probably buy it at the weekend. A few quick thoughts on Hyphae:

I can’t see a trigger input for recording, and had to use Stoermelder MAP to get it recording automatically. Have I missed it, or would that be a feature request? I use guitar a lot with VCV and it’s not really an option to click a button whilst playing. (EDIT: I’ve just realised you can map a modifier to do this, but a dedicated input would be nice).

Is there a way to change the loop length on the micro-looper section? The manual says 0.5 seconds, but shorter would be great. It would be really cool to change the loop points while it’s playing back for granular-style effects as well.

Also, I couldn’t seem to get the trigger input to fire properly, maybe just need to spend more time on it.

Overall, Hyphae could be a great module! At first I wasn’t that impressed until I realised I had to RTFM to work out how to assign the modifiers, and after a while I got some interesting textures looping guitar and playing back at different octaves. That was only about 15 minutes messing about, so it’s got potential. It’s similar to what I’ve done with Simpliciter previously, but without the crashes or any clicking which is something I’ve wanted for a while. Nice work!