Parasites in 2.4.1?

Hiya, trying to get back into VCV and have upgraded to 2.4.1. I am wondering where a guy might find some parasites love? Southpole Smoke is unobtainium. I think Supercell is the only way. Too bad it’s like the only white panel on my screen… haha! loving the new “experimantal” dark theme. Thumbs up. Peace.


Check out Surge XT Nimbus.


Thanks for the reply. I have Surge XT, but can’t locate one called Nimbus. :smiley:

It seems that Nimbus was an iZotope VST plugin but I cannot find it anymore. I have some doubt, tho, that Surge and Nimbus can replace Parasite and Smoke… :thinking:

Looking at the current state of the Surge XT source code repository, Nimbus looks like it will be included in the next release of Surge XT. Perhaps @baconpaul can confirm this, however.

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Are they doing a dedicated effect for Nimbus? It’s in the Surge-XT FX but don’t think it’s parasites

AFAIK Nimbus is a more or less just another Clouds clone, one with a Surge XT facelift. I believe this is why it wasn’t previously offered in Surge XT… The comment in the source code when it was elided says, literally, ‘skip Nimbus - there’s loads of clouds out there’.

Parasites, on the other hand, at least as I understand it, is an alternative firmware which is therefore unlikely to be available in Nimbus unless someone bothers to implement it and provide it to the Surge team for inclusion :wink:


It’s not Parasites as that firmware has a Reverse param.

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Oh, how does one get this to appear?

I usually go here :


This is not in the Library, is it?

I managed compiling Southpole Parasites from flyingLowSounds repo, which incorporates Smoke.

Unfortunately Two Bumps and Two Drunks from Tides v1 were seemingly left out. Would anyone know how to enable them?

Also, Warps Parasite is missing, but could seemingly be sourced from Aepelzens. I tried compiling it but failed…

It is not, and won’t be any time soon for reasons I outlined in another thread.

I have done a, more or less, full port but I’m not allowed to distribute it.


They are not part of this collection, they are separate modules from Southpole Parasites :

Maybe try this fork ?

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ex profundis clamavi ad te, domine!!


Thanks. Just tried, here’s a log of it:

[0.169 warn src/plugin.cpp:196 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /home/fillotassi/.Rack2/plugins-lin-x64/Southpole-parasites: Plugin version 1.0.0 does not match Rack ABI version 2

Rename version 1.0.0. to 2.0.0 in the plugin.json file (before build) and try again ?

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It works!!


It really works? I used to have it, but I didn’t have to compile or anything. I can’t remember when, but it went away with a VCV version update. Can you “distribute” it?.. kidding, not kidding. :slight_smile: