Open Modules Browser as a separate window?

Just a thought but it would be nice (quicker / more efficient) to be able to open the browser in a separate window and drag & drop modules into the patch.


…or side panel?

I think the goal here is not to cover the whole rack with the module browser, so that the user can clearly see what’s already in the rack.

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Maybe as an option but definately not by defaullt. Too few modules would be visible in the browser.

I would think, a module like the stoermelder MB for Rack 1.1.6 would give us more options here. I too do not think about replacing the existing browser.

I wasn’t talking about replacing anything, merely suggesting that it would be nice to open the browser as a separate window so you could drag a module or a number of modules into the rack without having to pop back and forth between the rack and the browser.

Cool idea - which could be extended to a general concept of multiple rack windows with different views possible in each one. You could opt to put the browser in one of the windows. The feature could be really useful when working on a large patch, especially if it could support multiple monitors.

Then you could also add toolbars for quick access to menu options.

In my head it is very similar to a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system.

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For single monitor usage, multiple native windows looks really clunky and ugly IMHO, spilt the view may be a better option (see Blender). Also agree that the space wouldn’t be enough.

This is more for multiple monitors I think. Interactions need to be redesigned since you will want the browser window to stay up.

The picture-based browsers are huge, and they’re much harder to read! That’s why I’d temporarily quit using Rack between the release of 1.x and Stoermelder’s MB. A text-based docked list on the side might work, or a dedicated picture browser on another monitor.

I don’t like the idea to have a library like reason , I prefer the current library way

do you think about something like this?

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I do wish there was an option for columns of text rather than the visual, row-first browser.

I also wish the filtering didn’t list brands/tags I don’t have, and that there were custom tags. I’d choose a lot fewer categories than what exists now, and preferably in a different order.

What about using favorites? Might this help?

Favorites does help with everyday browsing, limiting the total number of modules to a couple of dozen. But I wish the Favorites checkbox was “sticky” instead of resetting to unchecked each time the app is started.

Some way to create customizable categories would be best though. Bitwig has that and I really find it helpful.

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Have you doen a feature request so far?

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