NYSTHI Polyphonic Recorder: Noisy Output. Am I missing something?

I have a set of stereo signals going to the MSC Hack 24 channel mixer. I can use NYSTHI stereo recorder and save the ouput from the mixer to a wav file…no issue, sounds fine.

However, when I use the NYSTHI polyphonic recorder to output polyphonic wave files it sounds awful. Lots of static and crackling. The sources for the polyphonic channels are from the various VCOs and effects…pulled into the polyphonic recorder without going through the mixer.

Any idea what could cause this? I am pulling left and right stereo signals into different channels…not sure if that would cause an issue. I’d like to have the channels split in the DAW.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I used it recently and didn’t experience this problem. Are you able to share the patch?

because you have to use NYSTHI module not a NYSYTHI :wink:


are you using a MERGE module before going to the POLYRECORDER ?
Remember that data should reach the POLYRECORDER in separated CHANNELS

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Feature request for PolyPolyRecorder :crazy_face:

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Thanks all for the replies…Yes I’m using the merge module before the polyrecorder. Not sure what you mean by separated channels though…The channels are combined to the one uber-cable into the polyrecorder.

Haha, yes, typo in the title of the post…fixed.

Here’s the file…bunch of modules in it including host tho…
Hit reset on clocked to align everything…

Here’s a snippet of all the channels through the mixer out through the stereo recorder

Here’s two snippets recorded through the polyrecorder. Just two channels combined in the merge out to polyrecorder. (turn volume wayy down before listening to these…they’re captured before the mixer)


I created a simple patch with two vcos and two lfos modulating their v/oct. I was able to use the polyrecorder with merge to record those two channels and there is no static.

I haven’t checked every channel in the wav, but the noise is present in every one i have checked.

The stereo channels are pushed to the merge in order, left then right, etc. Polyrecorder one is for non-percussion, polyrecorder 2 is for percussion.

So there is something about this patch that is killing polyrecorder and I can’t tell what…if you listen to the stereo recorder wav it sounds fine…both are from nysthi…

I’m going to run a few tests to see if I can isolate what may be causing the static. One thing I can do is only polyrecord the percussion in one pass, then the non-percussion in a second pass. Maybe doing them at the same time is causing an issue…

I think it is because you are using two instances. I can reproduce the noise problem but when I record just one the sound is fine. Seems like a bug.


Yeah, something appears to be up with polyrecorder.

Tested with a new patch, two simultaneous polyphonic outputs…It worked; sounds fine with no noise or crackles.

I modified the original patch so that each channel was attenuated so they weren’t coming in too hot…recording simultaneously still generated hiss and noise.

I then recorded with the two polyrecorders separately and the hiss and noise was gone. So there’s something about the patch that polyrecorder doesn’t like when recording out to two files simultaneously, and subsequently generates the extra noise and artifacts.

sigh…I’ll have to time the clock with a trigger and record in two passes…which makes any live tweaking a little complicated if i want the percussion and other voices to interact…

edits for spelling…ugh

I really wish I could help but I’m just here to raise a similar issue with NYTSHI Master and VCV recorder.

I’ve recorded a multi-track performance a few days ago with multiple instances of NYSTHI Master recorder (24 bits) and also tested with multiple instances of the integrated Recorder from VCV: both randomly gave unusable files with lots of static.

This was completely random as I’ve relaunched Rack several times: either all recordings were perfect, or all had static.

This was really bothersome and made me sad, since I had produced a lot of tracks with v0.6 and never had this problem. There sometimes were audio glitches in my headphones while patching but usually, recordings were fine. Now I’m feeling doubtful that future performances will work.

I don’t know if this comes with v1, or with my change from Windows 7 (yep) to 10 (aww). What is your system, @xyresic ?

Maybe there’s something in the API

Windows 10 home 1903
3.8ghz i5-7600k
16gb ram

Thanks! OK there might be something Windows (10?) related.

Maybe we should try to use a single PolyRecorder, and then simply patch up to 16 mono channels (or 8 stereo) into it. That sounds like a limit that I can manage. I’ll keep you posted if I still run into troubles with this setup.

Almost like there are too many variables. I tested my patch that was generating the bad output by only having a single polyrecorder and it worked fine, no static. Only when I had the two polyrecorders saving simultaneously did it have issues.

However, that wasn’t the case with a different patch…simultaneous saves worked fine…

FYI all the nysthi recorders are self contained
nothing is global, everything happens into the module

my guess you are hitting a limit in your system, and flush calls (are automatic by file system buffers) are not completed correctly, so you have discontinuity in the audio stream (incoming audio destroying file system buffers)

Are you writing on SSDs ?


I’ve encountered this with two polyrecorders. One always works fine. There’s terrible noise in the individual tracks and they can’t be used if I have more. I record to an SSD.

I am recording to an ssd

simple test: i’m recording 48 tracks using 3 polyrecorder and no clicks or distortions
(very simple test in the picture)

I use a mac book pro i7 2011

No distortion in when the resulting wavs are played back?