NYSTHI Polyphonic Recorder: Noisy Output. Am I missing something?

I just tested here in an empty rack and sure enough there is no distortion for me either. I did reproduce the distortion with the file posted here earlier though.

On an empty rack I get no noise. I also tried with a couple of VCOs and again no noise. However, when I have a more complex rack it generates a lot of noise when recording simultaneously to multiple polyrecorders.

I am recording to an SSD as well.

Confirmed on Windows. 1 polyrecorder - ok, two or more - sound like 8000hz, heavily bitcrushed. also recorded on ssd(

I used to record with two recorders, in 24 bit I got crackles, 16 bit no problem. Artem, have you tried changing the bit rate?

bit depth

Thanks for the info, I have to try! 16 bits are bit unsafe though…

please give me a minimal only nysthi patch reproducing the case grazie! :slight_smile:

in version 1.0.7

---- debugging the 24 bits saving ---- removed the TRIG outs ---- the START act as STOP too

– POLYRECORDER64 ---- 64 tracks recorder ---- new module to waste your hard disk space faster


19 26


Yeah! Can’t wait to test it! Thank you

great graphics

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very nice! but is there any chance to decrease CPU consumption? 30% CPU new 32 tracks with new recorder, not able to operate any of mid-cpu patch. Is it possible to use that lib that VCV Recorder has?)

do you want CLEAN recording ?

you’ll get some stuttering in live, but recording will be perfect

the tool is not for live situations, but for exporting to DAW

you’ll use it as final decision as a “RENDER to DAW” passage


sounds fair! but how about that - 48 tracks on windows 24 bit - 30 percent CPU, same on MAC - 13 percent cpu! it’s quite strange)

YOU ARE LUCKY! I’m getting 53% on my MAC (64 tracks) ! :smiley: (in debug)

anyway I have a goal 10% for 64 tracks on all platform

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I think I’ve hit light speed limit !

1% processing power 64 tracks 24 bits

but I can’t release it, I’d destroy the hard work of ProTools et similia guys !


Ooh, come on, nobody will know about it)

Hush! Sell them the code! :grin:

should be out

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