NYSTHI modules missing

Hi community - I’m trying to get the NYSTHI modules and it’s not working. I add them from the library (either subscribing to all, or just trying to add one) and everything looks right on the library side. But in VCV Rack, there are no available updates and they never get added to my library in the application. Other library modules and collections are fine. I’m totally stumped. Any help is appreciated.

FWIW, running VCV Rack Free 2.4.1 on Apple M1 Pro w/ MacOS Sonoma 14.0.


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There’s a thread on the topic

Ahh excellent, thank you @Jens.Peter.Nielsen. I’ll follow that thread.

can we try to set a record to how many treads there are about this issue? Or perhaps address the issue? The issue is that users have no way of knowing what’s up, right?

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This is an issue that only VCV (@Vortico) can really address. So, open support tickets.

It could be partially addressed by this community site if someone pinned a definitive post on this popular topic. I doubt if @Vortico really wants/needs me to log a bug to know this is the #1 issue.

NYSHI in the library does not support ARM (which your M1 has), so if you’re running the ARM version of Rack that’s why you don’t get them. From the sounds of it Mr. NYSTHI (Antonio) is working on the ARM version so only patience is required. Alternatively you can install the Intel/X64 version of Rack on your computer and then you’ll have NYSTHI available straight away. Yes, it’s very annoying that you can’t see in the library what hardware architectures a plugin supports. You should tell it to support@vcvrack.com and maybe they’ll add it if enough people complain.

Edit : All of this is wrong ! I am running the Mac 64 build, not the ARM one.

Indeed you can install them by installing first a non ARM version of VCV, then they’re on your computer, and the ARM version of VCV will scan them and you’ll be able to use them. At least it is how it works here (M2 Pro, Ventura 13.6).

It is kind of annoying but I guess this transition period is just that, and soon we’ll forget how it was.

Do you mean to say that the ARM version of Rack can use Intel/X64 Rack plugins? If that’s the case then Rosetta2 is even more advanced than I thought, pretty amazing if true…

Are you sure, since the arm plugins are in a different directory from the x64 ones? I don’t think this is right, I have both installed and they each only see their own architecture plugins

Well maybe I am wrong, I updated to 2.4.1, I am on Ventura, and here is how it is :

So what you are saying is that this is not the ARM build ? I absolutely could have gotten this wrong.

edit : Ok, yes, indeed. Oops !

So you are (obviously) right, this is the Mac64 build, not the ARM one.

So, knowing that I’d be missing Nysthi I guess I’ll wait !


arm64 plugin

there is an arm build

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