NYSTHI AD Attack - Greater than 10V

Is this a problem?


You have the scale factor set to 2 so that doubles the output gain. Set it to 1 if you want 10V (or 0.5 if you want 5V etc)


Ok, thanks. I thought it was a convention that VCV only allowed 10v max, peak to peak. Never saw any module that outputted >10V before.

VCV does not place any constraints on the voltages. Some modules do, especially if they are trying to emulate analog behavior. Some modules give you the option to enable or disable clipping.

As part of my “Fundamental Constructs” patches, I’ve got a simple Constant Big Integer CV patch using only VCV Fundamental modules that generates any integral voltage from 0 to +/- 1,000,000!

It can be useful to clip it adding a hold stage to the envelope. Another one could be adding a negative offset to make it bipolar from -10 to +10.

Be aware that some modules have less range, 8V is kind of standard too