Now available: Delexandra Volume 1 -- Featuring new module Algomorph Advance

The Delexandra Volume 1 plugin is now available for VCV Rack 2.

Many, many thanks to those who have been testing this version.

Downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be found here:

New features in v2:

  • Display button now lights up when pressed!
  • Add display visualization for designated-carriers
  • Add display visualization for self-routing in Alter Ego mode
  • Add knob, button, and port tooltips
  • Use new VCV Component Library graphics for knobs, buttons, and ports
  • Add support for Rack v2 light bloom setting to all lights
  • Add explanatory message when viewing a non-visualizable algorithm in Edit Mode
  • Glowing panel ink has been removed
  • New module: Algomorph Advance is officially released
    • Featuring five assignable CV/audio inputs with factory presets, an assignable knob, a modulator sum output, and a phase output
  • Add “Average Mode” for Carrier Sum and Modulator Sum outputs
    • This mode is now default

Check out Jakub Ciupinski’s preview video for an overview of the basic usage and features shared by both Algomorph Pocket and Algomorph Advance:

Still more on the way!


Thanks! Great stuff

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Hi Super nice module. As a DX7 owner from the beginning I especially appreciate the FM network visualization.

However two things.

  • I only have the standard module not the advance. Maybe it is not yet in the github build ?
  • I experiment a bug with the Algorithm choice button. At some point it gets out of sync. I mean when I press 1 it activates 2, 2 it activates 3 etc…

Anyway Love It ! Thank

PS : macOSX here

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Is this going to be in the library shortly or just a manual download?

For now it is only available via GitHub.

This sounds like a problem with VCV Rack’s new “whitelist” feature. Although the v2 version of this plugin isn’t available from the Library, the v1 version is available there and that’s causing a problem here. I think this should fix it:

  1. Go to this page: VCV Library - Plugins

  2. Scroll down to find Delexander Volume 1:

  3. Click “Subscribe” next to Delexander Volume 1:

This is an odd solution, because the intent here isn’t actually to subscribe to anything from the Library. But this will ensure that any new modules added to the v2 version of Volume 1 will show in your module browser.

It might be the case that you have the Morph Knob turned, or something might be connected to a Morph CV input.

The Algorithm Buttons have two forms of signaling to help show the module’s current state:

  1. The small dot which orbits around one button indicates which algorithm is Algomorph’s centerpoint. Clicking a different button will change the centerpoint (unless you are in Edit Mode, in which case you can freely edit different algorithms without changing the centerpoint):

  2. From that centerpoint, the Morph Knob and Morph CV are then applied. The resulting destination is indicated via illumination of the ring-light around the button:

When the Morph Knob is at center position and Morph CV is 0V or unpatched, these two indicators will be aligned:

However in many cases they will not be the same, like here where I demonstrate by turning the Morph Knob. In this case, clicking an Algorithm Button may appear to activate the wrong algorithm:

I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great stuff Anthony, thanks very much!

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I’ve updated this post with animations, because I think this makes a big difference in clarity here. You may need to click or tap on an image in order to start the animation.


they auto-play for me. nice.

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@xandra-max The subscription tip works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

For the supposed “bug” of synchonisation, what you show is actually what was happening… So it was me who was bugging haha. Thank you for taking the time for this perfectly clear explanation.

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Any chance that this is going to be included in the V2 library any time soon, or has this project been abandoned?

See first post, you can download it yourself from Github if you need it, or wait until it’s available in the Library.


Not abandoned. I promise! đź©·


compiles and works fine on Mac arm64, FYI

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placed the downloaded file in my plugin folder, ran rack, and it turned into a folder as its supposed to, but will not show up in the browser in rack. any ideas on what I missed?

Running VCV on a mac in ARM64 ?

No. My Mac is intel

So you are running the x64 version of VCV, then you have to look here :

whitelist problem ?

Next to the delalexander plugin, I don’t get the normal options to subscribe etc, it simply reads unavailable in grey text

Can you load this .vcv if not what’s the error ?

Algomorph test 15122023.vcv (1.3 KB)

Do you have this in your settings.json

"DanTModules": true,
"DelexanderVol1": true,
"DelexandraVol1": true,
"Digital-Apothecary": true,
"Dintree-Virtual": true,

At the bottom of the file.