Nothing Sounds in Tune even with a quantizer, please help

I am very very new to this, only started learning a couple days ago. I am trying to make different voices all work together in the same key yet even though they are both quantized to the same key, it all sounds out of tune and discordant. Am i doing something wrong?

Hi @jamesbradfield270901, and welcome to the forum (and Rack!)

Happy to help; easiest if you post the patch file itself (or a screenshot of the whole thing?)

Thank you, here is a full screenshot:

I cant seem to post the patch because i am a new user, i will upload it to drive

Here is the patch:

I have just checked and i think i screwed up the patch before posting it and so it is missing the quantizers, it did however have both of the quantizers as shown in the first photo and it still sounded out of tune, sorry for any confusion.

@jamesbradfield270901 the resonator is not tuned like you think :


Wow thats the most annoying thing ever, thank you so much man :slight_smile:

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if 48 is the frequency for middle c, what would the different octaves be in frequency?

It’s even more fun tuning the hardware Rings!%3F!,FREQ%20to%20get%20close%203%203.%20Fine%20Tune


I think I don’t understand the question but right-clicking on the frequency knob and entering 12 24 36 48 60 gives C1 C2 C3 C4 and C5.(while feeding it C4 in V/Oct)


Yeah thats what i meant thank you very much

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