Audible Resonator strange tuning

Hi everyone , hope you’re all fine :slight_smile: I’ve been trying Resonator on VCV2 as wit Ableton as a ost, it sounds amazing BUT the tunin isn’t quite right when i use the volt per oct, It’s tunes a tritone lower or something … I saw that there seemed to be something to do with te sample rate but i can’t seem to find a way around it. Any idea ? thanks ! :slight_smile:

not a sollution, but thought id share still. a module based on this one is pallete

i think its awesome, and i feel that everyone who loves Resonator should know about this aswell

VCV does have a spec for pitch. I assume the module you are using is not a VCV module? But VST must also have a spec of some sort. This seems weird…

I believe some of the synthesis models in Rings/Resonator are by their nature “out of tune” and you will have to adjust the parameters/tuning by ear.

The fundamental frequency is set in semitones. See Mutable Instruments | Rings

Right-click the “Frequency” knob and enter 48 (C4 = C0 + 48 semitones)
(samplerate does not matter)

The “Resonator” default is 30 (an octave + a tritone (= 6 semitones) lower)

  • Ableton Live has middle C = C3 to add to the confusion.
  • VCV uses scientific/ISO notation standard, where middle C = C4.


Wow I’ve always struggled with Rings’ pitch and this makes it so much more usable!

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Man you are a life saver, thank you so much !!

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Mmmmm there stisl to be a tuning issue in full polyphony mode (the left red mode) :confused:

Yep, that’s a funky oscillator - I won’t try to explain how it works - but you can get it in tune, if you set the parameters right:

Isn’t this module not really polyphonic and what the poly does is make (max) 4 (different) notes ring out before it cuts one of them ?

Just set the main freq to 24 or 36 or 48 and save as your template

Hi y’all :slight_smile: So i figured it out, Wen in full polyphony, the relation between structure and frequency seems to change and i found te proper setting to be : frequency 48 and structure around 0,48 (wich is slightly on the left of the center), So careful with the offset for some modulation if you wanna keep it in tune. Once that fixed, it sound really amazing.

Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realise the resonator wasn’t set right to be in tune, I was going nuts sticking HotTuna everywhere and it wasn’t until I finally stuck a tuner on the Resonator output I realised what was going on, then searched and found this thread and wow it’s so much easier now.