Noodlings of Lars

Thanks Lars. I can’t help but think I’m emulating another of my favourite artists, Peter Gabriel or Kate Bush, when I’m leisurely with my releases :slight_smile:

Those are two of my favorite artists as well. Do you mean emulating their highly irregular “release schedule”? The privilege of great artists :slight_smile:

Exactly. Guess I have to get great first before I have that luxury :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you’re the greatest of all the Piko’s I know :slight_smile:

That’s a coincidence… of all the Lars Bjerregaards I know, you’re the greatest :wink:

This is the second installment in my experimentation with the looping techniques that Brian Eno used to make “Music For Airports”. I call it “phased loops” since no tape or samples are involved. There are two different soundmakers: The first is the lovely XFX Wave oscillator, dialed in to somewhat resemble the frippertronics used on “Exposure” I realized at some point - that wasn’t planned. The second is Rings, in a kind of plucked bass strings mode. For the first time I used both outputs of Rings as a stereo channel, which happened to sound by far the best in this particular mode. Using these VCO’s are 7 loops, all running out of phase, with no clocks or synchronization used at all. The rules and challenges of using these techniques are starting to dawn on me, but I’m having a lot of fun playing with it, and find it quite rewarding. Definately a headphone piece.


I really like these Eno-esque explorations. That Plaits bass works very well with the XFX Wave. The variation from pluck to strum is well balanced. It’s pretty good on my hi-fi speakers too :wink: With the 7 loops at varying phase you achieve both complexity and space.

Thanks Paul, happy you like it!

Thank you, I think so as well. I love Rings, so organic with a life of its own, another genius module from Émilie if you ask me.

I’ll bet :slight_smile: When I thought it started sounding pretty good I did think to myself - “damn, wish I had my old gear to listen to this on” - tube amps, Snell speakers, ah well…

Yeah, that’s the easy part. Making it musical and interesting is another kettle of fish I’m discovering :slight_smile: There’s a whole rulebook here I think, that I’m trying to slowly discover. But it’s a really interesting area. I’m going to keep going for a bit and see what I can open up and get to. I’m also gaining even more respect for Eno’s work on MFA, and I’m convinced a lot of thinking went into it. If he or anyone else would claim - “I just turned it on and it worked” - I’ll call liar liar, because there’s a definate artform to this and a lot of trial and error involved.

I’m just using a mid-range system, Onkyo receiver through Dali speakers.

It’s more like Eno’s gardener analogy. “The gardener takes his seeds and scatters them, knowing what he is planting but not quite what will grow where and when - and he won’t necessarily be able to reproduce it again afterwards either.” But a gardener doesn’t just plant and walk away either; the gardener is constantly making decisions on how to make the garden grow. Prune this, train that, add fertiliser, remove weeds, allow parts to be fallow, and others to go to seed.

Yeah, that’s exactly it I think.

I hate to be “that guy” but can you go into more detail as to how you’re getting that beautiful bass sound? I’ve tried many settings but find the volume of the sound low, and just not deep sounding. It’s also out of tune, or I dunno… I tune it and it tracks, but you’re not tuning yours. Sorry… :guitar:

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No problem my friend, and thanks. Here you go - Click the “Active” button on Janneker to play it: rings-bass.vcv (10.6 KB)


I don’t know what I was doing wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s got plenty of bass now. haha I hope to record something soon. Thanks for the reality check!

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Third and last installment, for now, of my experiments with phased loops. The major difference for this one, is that instead of each loop being a fixed sequence, like in Music for Airports, it is instead a single note, except for loop 7 which is polyphonic, and all the notes are generated and constantly changing. It’s a very NYSTHI patch, and Bohingler is great for note generation.


Modular life is funny. You know how sometimes you work on complicated things and it just goes nowhere or gets worse and worse. And then you start over from a blank slate, and you think to yourself: “I really should play with Rampage some more”. And then you mess around with Rampage and a delay for half an hour and this lovely thing falls out. And you smack yourself on the forehead and think - Keep it simple dude!

Rampage is basically doing everything here…
PS: Rampage is cool!


I think Bogaudio just released a version where the pulse output doesn’t have DC

The same oscillator? Just now? It’s only on pulse output and when you get into sync and FM…

I think all the vcos. Don’t remember if it’s v2 only. You ask him. Or go find my GitHub issue on his site.

Ah yes, I see it now. Thanks for that Bruce, you’re a champ! And now I went back and checked, and the dc filter setting actually works and the pulse has no dc, and when disabling it it has a lot, so it really worked. And now I remember why the dc blocker is there, because at first in the patch I was using FM, so I just never removed it. But the pulse output is indeed dc free, thanks to you :slight_smile:

And to Bogaudio. That guy is a beast of a DSP programmer. Definitely in the past when making any kind of module the Bogaudio version is the one to beat, or at least try to get close to. I don’t think I ever “stole” any of his techniques, but I would always look at the source to try to figure out what he’s doing.