Nohmad Strange Attractors: VCV 1.x

i’m pretty sure someone made a version of noise.

for the strange attractors, i adapted them into my chaotic lfo series:


dont know how i missed those. adding them now.

Here’s a SoundCloud recording of a slightly earlier version:


could you replace it with vcv noise? that module looks pretty much the same.

Can someone adopt those Qwelk CA modules

They are sort of “adopted” already by (off course) Netboy3

Thank you, didn’t know!

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I’ve had a bit of an obsession with attractors over the years, even without having the greatest maths abilities.

I found this resource to be very useful when playing about with code -

As well as making an attractor toy and blocks in Reaktor I keep going back into 3d software and playing about with these wondrous things.


you made that ? it looks awesome ! I’d really like to do these kind of things, do you know good resources for absolute beginners ?

Entagma have done a nice tutorial for Houdini (of which there is a free version) -

Have another slice of attractor pron:


Are there any Blender tutorials that you would recommend. That stuff looks awesome.

That track ended up as a basis for a trio/remix in a recent Disquiet Junto.