No sound through interface when driver switched to ASIO

Installed VCV2 and I’m getting no sound on my Focusrite 6i6 when I set the audio driver to ASIO, despite the meters telling me that a signal is being received. I get (choppy) sound when I switch to WASAPI but nothing on my usual ASIO driver. The driver does normally work, as I run Cubase and others with it.

Any thoughts?

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I have a similar problem with the Zoom U-24 interface, working on a macbook with M1 chip. Did you manage to solve the problem? I’m considering returning the unit, since I specifically bought it to work with VCV

I have something similar. Having multiple ASIO drivers for different audio interfaces it differs per type of driver you use if the program works or stops reacting. I went back to 2.0.5 where the ASIO drivers do work as expected. I tried using 2.0.6 and 2.1.0 btw and both have issues with different ASIO drivers. You probably can use WSAPI or DirectSound but that has a much higher latency though.

I have to run my 6i6 with the DirectSound audio driver.

Did you install their mac driver if they have one? If so, uninstall that, any audio interface should work out of the box. If not then I’d return it and swap it out for another one that does work. My ancient Presonus Audio Box USB is troublesome if I install their driver, fine without on this here M1 Mini…

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Thanks, this is great info! No, I’m just working with the core audio:

I guess I’ll return the unit, no use having an unreliable interface. My only problem is that I wouldn’t know which one to get to work reliably. I’ve seen people report good things about focusrite interfaces, but other people are having problems… Is there any way to tell in advance which units should work well with VCV and M1 macs?

More information on my setup here: Dysfunction of some modules / effects with audio interface

Neither Rack nor M1 should be a factor here. But the Focusrite interfaces work great on Mac. @dlphillips has a cheap Focusrite with his M1 Mac Mini and I think he’s pretty happy with it.

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@amkee - I bought the Scarlett 4i4, currently sells for US$249 at Sweetwater. Very nice unit. I had been using an M-Audio Delta 66 PCI interface on my Linux box. The Delta is arguably a better unit but the Scarlett performs perfectly well for my needs. I’m still trying to figure out inter-applications routing with it, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the thing. Btw, I normally use it at 48kHz sample rate and 24-bit resolution. Its output runs to an Alesis RA100 power amp and onwards to a pair of studio monitors.

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What do you mean with ‘it’s inter-application routing’ ? Do you mean to route things to different apps and to there from different apps? Then Blackhole is your answer. Or I am completely misunderstanding what you meant :wink:

No, you got it right. Unfortunately I’m still mystified with Blackhole. I think I’m halfway there, I’ll get it sorted eventually. I can get audio into VCV Rack, I just haven’t figured out how to keep the unprocessed source stream out of my monitors. I’m clearly missing something atm.

That’s the monitoring bit. When I use Soundflower I use it with Soundflowerbed, which allows me to pick the audio interface to monitor the sound through, or none at all. Because when you think about it, you not only want to route your sound you also want to monitor it from somewhere. That somewhere can be the software you routed it to or it can be the audio-router (Soundflower, Blackhole) itself. So you need to find the “monitor” knob somewhere in Blackhole (I haven’t used it) and then set “monitor=none”, something equivalent to that.

Just browsing the documentation a bit, if you set it up as a “multi-output device” like here I think you need to uncheck the builtin output and the same for if you created it as a aggregate device, like here you need to uncheck builtin audio. Now that Rack supports multiple audio interfaces I don’t think any of these should be necessary and you can just use Blackhole as a dedicated audio module in a patch, for input only.

exactly. you can set up whatever devices you want routing whatever you want to whatever in Audio MIDI Setup and use whichever BH device in whatever bit of software/hardware you need.

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Yep, that did it. I had to understand how audio gets routed out of Chrome. After that it’s all easy as can be. Very cool. :slight_smile:

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