New Sanguine Modules Mutants module

Howdy! I’ve been developing a plugin called “Sanguine Modules Mutants” and I can finally put its first iteration out into the world. The “Mutants” line will be comprised of Mutab… err Audible Instruments variants either missing from the VCV Library or with additional functionality added. The first one is “Funes”, based on “Plai…” sorry, “Macro Oscillator 2”. What’s different from the one already available you ask?

  • It exposes every control with its own individual knob.
  • It has a nice segment display to show your currently selected model.
  • What most people will probably like: it offers the missing 1.2 firmware models.

This plugin wouldn’t have been at all possible without Tobi’s work getting those modes working.

This post is an announcement and a call for help: if anyone can explain to me how to set the Actions stuff to build automatically for all three platforms that would be even better… honestly, I abhor Git and GitHub, I’m an SVN guy.

Edit: Thanks to @Jens.Peter.Nielsen the release for all platforms and the source can be found here:


Edit, not current. See OP.


Thanks a lot :).

This looks awesome. Will it be polyphonic? I was just saying to someone a few weeks ago that I would love a poly Braids, and we already have two poly options for Plaits.

it is polyphonic (16) - and you can have mixed engines (models)


Very cool! :partying_face: I was hoping to see the 1.2 firmware in the VCV library at some point, but it seems to not be a high priority for the VCV team at the moment. Nice to see somebody else working on it including improved panels! I really love MI’s work and I am still hoping to see beads being opensourced at some point as well.

Good luck with your plugin and if you need any support or find bugs in my changes feel free to contact me. :slight_smile:

I just saw there are two open issues in the plaits repository: Issues · pichenettes/eurorack · GitHub Just in case you stumble upon this as well.


I made a table to help selecting those Models using CV.

# Display Description Model CV (V)
1 FLTRWAVE Classic waveshapes with filter 0.00
2 PHASDIST Phase distortion 0.22
3 6 OP.FM1 6-operator FM 1 0.43
4 6 OP.FM2 6-operator FM 2 0.65
5 6 OP.FM3 6-operator FM 3 0.87
6 WAVETRRN Wave terrain synthesis 1.09
7 STRGMACH String machine 1.30
8 CHIPTUNE Chiptune 1.52
9 DUALWAVE Pair of classic waveforms 1.74
10 WAVESHAP Waveshaping oscillator 1.96
11 2 OP.FM Two operator FM 2.17
12 GRANFORM Granular formant oscillator 2.39
13 HARMONIC Harmonic oscillator 2.61
14 WAVETABL Wavetable oscillator 2.83
15 CHORDS Chords 3.04
16 VOWLSPCH Vowel and speech synthesis 3.26
17 GR.CLOUD Granular cloud 3.48
18 FLT.NOIS Filtered noise 3.70
19 PRT.NOIS Particle noise 3.91
20 STG.MODL Inharmonic string modeling 4.13
21 MODALRES Modal resonator 4.35
22 BASSDRUM Analog bass drum 4.57
23 SNARDRUM Analog snare drum 4.78
24 HI-HAT Analog hi-hat 5.00

google sheet

WARNING: see below New Sanguine Modules Mutants module - #20 by Bloodbat


This is awesome to see! Been waiting for this. Thanks @Bloodbat and @Tobi

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy the module :slight_smile: @Tobi thanks for all your work and the info, I’ll have a look at least at the chiptune bug :slight_smile:

Would it be all right if I add your table to the repository and readme? If so, how would you like to be credited?

I put module parameter setting CV input values in my manuals for my plugin and modules.

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Is it hard to make the CV change the text of the chosen Model ?

I’d be delighted.


BTW: I’d prefer a note-to-model# rule for the CV input - perhaps selectable in right-click-menu. Makes it easier to input/sequence IMO.

If selected,

  • C0 = 0V = Model 1
  • C#0 = 1/12V = Model 2
  • D0 = 2/12V = Model 3
  • D#0 = 3/12V = Model 4
  • etc.

Had a lot of fun with this last night. One request for an alternative skin, such as a minimal dark mode one.


Many thanks for this module. I tried it out today and am very pleased.

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Issue is model can be modulated polyphonically…

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Thanks :slight_smile: The CV model modulation comes straight from the Plaits code; but I might look into your suggestion: I agree it makes it easier.

I implemented your suggestion; but it only works for the first poly. Channel.


That’s great, I wanted to ask if this was possible, and now you implemented it already, thank you.

Looking at your request for controlling the model with V/Oct values, I noticed your table only applies if you start from FLTRWAVE: the model CV is an offset to the currently selected value, so, for example, if you want to use FLTRWAVE when the selected model is DUALWAVE, the required voltage would be -1.71.