New Module: 8Mode SoftSN Machine

(Matt) #1

8Mode SoftSN Machine

Pre-release of a hardware emulation of the Texas Instruments SN76477 “Complex Sound Generator”. This was a popular analog/digital hybrid chip released in 1978 and was used in Space Invaders, Vanguard and numerous toys. This module simulates analog circuits including 4 RC oscillators and voltage/digital inputs into a chip emulator. The emulator is based on open source from MAME Arcade.

I made this because I’ve been obsessed with VCVRack and I also have great memories of playing with the SN76477 when I was a kid. You could get this chip from Radio Shack in the 80s for like $15. I got it to make all sorts of sounds! So it’s a little nostalgic for me. I think that it’s extremely close to the real thing including all the quirks.

Here is where I’m at with the module:

  • Source and Linux/Win/Mac Binaries available (Thank you Dmitry Wolf and @pgatt for Mac Version)
  • Hoping to get some input from others in the next few weeks and see about listing on the Plugin Manager
  • Visit for video Demo and Download


looking good! i will try it out.

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(Stephan) #3

great module :+1:

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(Existentia Virae) #4

Lovely. Not only does the sound match my memory of that device, but you got that whole “Tandy Catalog” aesthetic on there.

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(David Rodriguez) #5

thank you

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(David Muddyman) #6

Thank you

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(Omri Cohen) #7

Hi Matt! This oscillator looks very interesting, thank you!

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(Benjamin Dauer) #8

Super cool. Hope someone compiles on Mac so I can kick the tires. Thanks for sharing!

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(Matt) #9

Hi Omri! Thanks so much! If I may say so, your work has played a big part of my interest in VCVRack. Really appreciate it!

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(Omri Cohen) #10

Hey, wow, thanks!

(Matt) #11

Hi Ben! Thanks to Dmitry Wolf who compiled it for me, I just added a Mac version to the release!

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(Benjamin Dauer) #12

That was fast! Grabbing now. Can’t wait to check it out. Cheers.