New MindMeld module coming today - can an admin approve our announcement please…

MindMeld will be releasing a public beta of our new module on Thursday which will include a premiere by Omri at 8pm CET. More details and a link to the beta will be posted a few hours before.

Please save the date, we look forward to seeing you there!


exciting news :star_struck:

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Interesting… EDIT: FABULOUS ! :heart_eyes:

Nice one!

nice tease!

Yes! Minds will be melting :slight_smile: and my heart rate just increased due to rising curiosity and excitement!

@steve @Omri_Cohen I just want to point out that Nov 24 is Thanksgiving Day in the US, so you may want to adjust your viewership expectations accordingly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait to see the new module!

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Que d’heures de plaisir en vue!

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Yabadaba boom boom!


…oh, is this today?

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Yep! - I’ll be doing a post in a few hours.


Announcement post done - just waiting for an admin to approve it…


Where are they when you need them :slight_smile:


pulse quickens…

Yay! - post is up!

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