New Impromptu Module: ProbKey (updated to 1.1.12)

Impromptu Modular is happy to present a new module called ProbKey.


It’s a mix and mash of some features of a few well known modules, but put together in my own Impromptu style. For reference, here’s what it’s loosely based on (but with nowhere near some of the functionality offered in those modules):

The manual is available here, so I’ll defer to this for a more detailed explanation of how it works and what it can do:

Now available in the library (thanks to @Vortico and @cschol for the speedy update).


It is a realy gooood stuff. Thanks @marc_boule. Love this one. :smiley: Cheers

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I’ve been tinkering with this on and off since the updater grabbed it. It seems impossible to make it produce an unpleasant sequence (and I did try, just because of course I would). Great module.


I think it’s been a while since there was a new module in the “Impromptu” line, yes? Welcome back. (Of course most of us know that @marc_boule is half of Mind Meld, so he’s been making plenty of new things under that name).


Thanks guys! Hope it will inspire some good melodies for those as compositionally-challenged as I am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yes, Oh YES!! :stuck_out_tongue: This is like cool breeze in a hot days. Refeshing brains - I play on this all day - making some new patch. It is works fine with some extrnal VST plugins like LABS etc.

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Really great module, grand merci, Marc! In my first quick tests it generates nice motives with e.g. Admiral Tables as gater, but, sure, many other ideas and combinations could be imagined as well :slight_smile:


Oooohhhh… you have my attention dear sir! Thanks Marc, looking forward to play with this.

Hope you like it Lars :slight_smile: Ever since Wim showcased his SIG in a few videos a while back, I was hooked on this concept and had to give it a try!

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By golly. It’s rather fun. And it does not take long to get interesting results. :+1:


I hooked up my 0-Coast yesterday and had a LOT of fun. The octave-spread is awesome for a voice that can reproduce base and lead at the same time. I only wish you could lock more than 16 steps, at least 32 would be greatly appreciated (maybe even 64?). I like to run “random sequencers” at higher clock multipliers, so locking is somewhat short with 16 steps.


Why? Just curious.

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With a low probability set, you can get very interesting off-beat-rhythms.


oh, ok, sure. But I thought ProbKey doesn’t generate rhythms. Guess I should try it :wink:


This is another wonderful module, Marc! Thank you! I can’t wait to dive deeper into this.

I’m curious, is the Randomize working in the right click menu for this module? I saw this in your manual but I wasn’t sure about song mode in this module.

In all sequencers, clicking Randomize in the right-click menu of the module will only serve to randomize the content (CVs, gates, slides, etc., as applicable) of the current sequence. For sequencers with a song mode, no song content is randomized when in SONG mode.

Thanks again! Cheers!

@GrayCatMusic For the randomize, I kind of forgot to implement it, so at this point there are two things that could be randomized:

  • Randomize the keyboard contents (i.e. probabilities for all notes, anchors and octave ranges)
  • Randomize all the notes in the shift register (i.e. the lock buffer) according to the current settings

For simplicity, I want to avoid having an option for both (and I’ll be using Rack’s default command for randomization), so in light of the two possibilities above, I think I perfer the 2nd choice since it would probably be more useful, and it would also be consistent with the exerpt of my manual that you showed.


@mosphaere interesting application about timings; I think I’d be ready to meet you half way at 32 :wink:


Wow, thanks!

I was just about to post my chaining solution for longer locked sequences :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that picture is convicing enough to make the case for 32, haha!

(What platform are you on, I could post a build for you in github?)



I am on Windows. That would be fantastic. Again, thanks!