New Befaco modules

@hemmer Your code builds without issues on the official Rack build system for all platforms. Great job!

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v1.1.0 should now be published in the library. :slight_smile:


nice job. these should be pretty popular.

Hey @hemmer Thanks a million for this nice update! I just noticed a smal feature missing in the ABC module, compared to the hardware version, probably missing from the first release: when not connected, the upper output is supposed to be mixed in the lower output, this allows to use it as a 4channel mixer: 2 vca channels (AxB) + 2 offsetable channels (C)

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The mixing is indeed incorrect. Someone filled a bug, and it has been fixed: Befaco A*B+C · Issue #21 · VCVRack/Befaco · GitHub

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oh, ok this is not what I meant but it explains why it didn’t work :smiley: Meanwhile I have been diging into the wavefolder… your algo is just wonderful! I don’t have the original module but it provides exact same ocilloscope result and sound so great!

Ah cool, I tried to model mine quite closely, but I’m not sure what inter device variation there is. If you’re interested there are some more details here. Top one is symmetric, bottom one is asymmetric.