New album, dark melodic ambient / electroacoustic

Hi everybody, I wanted to share here my new album. I used VCV for some sequencing, and sometimes more (sequencing, sound generation, then out-the-box for mixing with other synths, then back in for effects in VCV…). I am happy trying out new ways to integrate VCV and other gear, the best of both worlds I guess !

I hope that it’ll be pleasing to some of you, and I would of course be really happy to have any kind of feedback on it.

A good day to everybody !


Sounds great to me, what is the original sound source? Very deep and atmospheric.

Thank you ! I am glad you liked it !

I used a Deepmind6, Neutron and 0-Coast (those two are always crosspatched in a way or an other), Hydrasynth Explorer (with its useful CV outs !) and a Lyra8. On the software side, beside VCV there is a bit of Argeiphontes Lyre for field recording mangling. Edit : and the sampler is an AKAI Force.

So a mixture of synths in hardware and software! So interesting was it complicated or time consuming?

Well, actually I used spare time away from the studio to do some patching in VCV, focusing on sequencing, using vanilla VCOs, knowing that later I’ll replace them, and that time was in a way stolen from “normal” life, like early in the morning or in the night, then when I arrived at the studio I already had a clear(ish) idea of what I wanted to do, so I only had to hook-up the chosen synths to the computer (they all take USB MIDI or DIN MIDI), and then jam with it for a while, record something, then practice a bit, record more, then it was it, I print that on K7 and re-record it on the studio computer (because I felt like the tone of the K7 was perfect for that album, with the nostalgia it brings IMHO). Not so complicated or time consuming, maybe say between a day and two days of work for each piece, except the last three that took more time because of working with video and syncing with images.


So it did take a lot of time, so you are a professional polymath I see on Bandcamp. So you have loads of experience using all these things!

Ha, you are being too nice.

I like to dive in and take the time to do the stuffs I have in mind, that is all. This actually feels more like “quick and easy” compared to when I use to do more “musique concrète”, where a 12mn piece would take about two months… This is more of an quick exploration of a feeling, a mood, with some degree of composition, but it still isn’t that long… How do you do it, it is quicker ?

Be interested in your Musique concrete tracks that’s one of my obsessions! Are there tracks on Bandcamp? To be honest most of my stuff are noisy soundscapes without very little structure. Some are melodic but only by accident! :rofl:

I make samples in Fruity loops and then forget to use them in VCV Rack samplers.

I have a thread on here under the name Kleinemaschinen where the ‘tracks’ are listed. Kleinemaschinen ‘music’ thread - Music & Patches - VCV Community (

Thanks for your time.

This one has two pieces, they’re from the last two years, more or less, and this one : is a compilation of older works (from the time I was studying composition and the following year).

I listened to a few of your tracks on Soundcloud, I like the noise / melodic limit exploration !

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These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing them. Thanks for the feedback, which ones of mine did you go for in the noise/melodic category? Just interested so maybe I can do more in the similar vein. Much appreciated.

It was “From chaos comes melody” and I can’t remember the next one, maybe the one you posted last night ? LSD ?