Kleinemaschinen 'music' thread

My 1st submission to this thread of my ‘music’.

I go under the name of ‘Kleinemaschinen’ on Patchstorage but ady34 on this forum

This track was created in VCV Rack using samples from Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’-simple piano notes and a choir samples. teropa.info/loop/#/title

Samples bottom of webpage—- Deconstructing Brian Eno's "Music For Airports" | Reverb Machine

Using Nysthi Quadsimpler, 2 Ahornberg Tape recorder modules in 4 Track mode and Squinky’s SFZ module playing Harp through a Filter Delay [RJ Modules]. Then through a Mega size Reverb [Valley Plateau].

This could be the 1st of many or not, my emotions are up and down like a yoyo at present, so we shall see! Can I make VCV Rack work for me or not.

Stream Music 4 Isolating In Lockdown by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Music 4 isolating in Lockdown.vcv (40.3 KB)

Samples right at bottom of webpage---- Deconstructing Brian Eno’s “Music For Airports” | Reverb Machine


Hello more noodlings, Based on Brylie VCV Rack patch-- patchstorage.com/bco-2019-11-19/

I added Ahornberg Tape recorder to give it more variations in sounds. Did I succeed? Only you, the listener can decide. The 4 tracks are the testimony.

Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to Modding Melody using Reverb playlist online for free on SoundCloud

modulating melody with reverb -brylie.vcv (25.3 KB)

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More tracks, this time influenced by Faust and Nurse With Wound, what a combination!? The patch but the samples don’t stay with the sampler. Bugger!

Faustian industrialze.vcv (40.2 KB)

Faustian Industrialze Trk1 - Ausgang Bewegungen in Faustian Industrialization (soundcloud.com)

Is there anybody out there!!!?

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Here I go replying to myself with some more tracks.

Yet another VCV Rack playlist, anybody would think I like using it! This time influenced by 23 Skidoo early Industrial Funk 1980-5.

Made using AI Macro Oscillator 2 and 1, Processed by Hora Multimode delay and Valley Plateau. Also Vult Basal gives a nice Jazz Funk bass guitar feel to the tracks, it’s in the mix somewhere.

The Summit of Profundity in Post Punk Experiments (soundcloud.com)

More self replying, more tunes/soundscapes- 4 Tracks that are a cross between Vapourwave and Hauntology, in that they are imagining a place that does not exist, yet is still remembered/dreamt about and a feeling of actually experiencing it. Made in VCV Rack using Audible Instruments Macros, Valley Plateau reverb and other esoteric modules.

Convolvzilla Daydreams -Early Morning Thunder in Paradise turned inside out (soundcloud.com)

More lazy/crazy tunes to add: Prog Nasta:

Stream Prog nasta by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hello wonderful people, here I go again with another long track. Made in VCV Rack as usual. This time an attempt at sliding bass and guitar. Resulted in this intentional fuzz soaked guitar using Nysthi’s Magister Fuzz module. As usual no guitars were injured except virtual ones. AI Resonators for bass and electric guitar and a new Sequencer from CVLY-ntrvlc -see VCV Rack Ideas YouTube channel.

Stream Sliding bass guitar by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Here I’m just talking to myself again!! 3 more tracks made using Bidoo DTroy and BordL sequences randomly changing alsorts of parameters and generally trying to overload them with loads of sound sources, yet they do not complain or even murmur! A true joy to work with.

Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to Bidoo a present to you playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Bidoo Bordl + DTroy-hht n Organ.vcv (227.6 KB)

A beautiful hypnotic track for a change, usual VCV Rack usage -made using 2 Atelier Palette modules , one doing percussion and the other doing synth chores, both going through Freq Domain’s Harmonic Convergence. Most of the parameters are controlled by RPJ’s Grendel Quad LFO. There are of course Chronoblob delay and Plateau reverb to give it sonic presence.

Palette Duo=Harmonic Convergence by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

Palette duo=Harmonic convergence.vcv (59.9 KB)

Hello again, the usual creation in VCV Rack, except… wait for it, a tooon! Under the influence of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Huraumi Hosono= 2 members of Yellow Magic Orchestra [YMO] and a great tutorial by Artem Leonov:

I produced this track, using Count Modula’s beautiful Octet seq. and 3 Atelier Palettes, MindMeld’s EQ Master and Hexmix Befaco-VCV Rack version. Rather proud of this! Absolutely marvellous Harmonic piece of work, if I say so myself!

Ryuichi Smiles… An Huzzah 4 by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)


Here I go again replying to myself, come on people the music is here. Well my version of said syncopation of noise is!

The latest one:

(Stream Auto Fader Dub 2many Breakdowns by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud)

This sort of reminds me of the early Kraftwerk guitar parts on “Strom” from Kraftwerk 2 (Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2 (Full Album) - YouTube) starting around the 21:00 minute mark.

So at least I am doing something right, if it compares to the gods of electro[acoustic] as they were on their 1st 2 albums.

You doing ok, you been quiet on here for a while?

Another track with a tune, maybe I’m getting better at this! Another variation using my Ryuichi Smiles patch. The Atelier Palette produces such various tones that I probably could not get tired of it.

Ryuichi Smiles Organic Birds by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

Ryuichi smiles.vcv (72.4 KB)

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A VCV Rack patch based on Eurikon’s Confusingsimpler patch. I swapped the Tiny Sine module for Atelier’s Palette and produced this Spacescape track which reminds of certain scenes where Ripley is hiding from the Alien. Hope you enjoy/endure the suspense. Will it find her?!

[Stream Anxious Spacescape - It’s Here] by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud](Stream Anxious Spacescape - It's Here] by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud)

confusingsimpler-Eurikon.vcv (74.6 KB)

Here I go replying to myself again. This time a Italian ‘Giallo’ inspired soundscape. Using 2 Nysthi Simpler modules, Vult Debriatus, Nysthi’s DissonantVerb and Plateau all ‘controlled’ JW’s NoteSeq16.

A right old racket of an Horror Theme is the result.

Lala -Horrorified-Simpler duo-distorted.vcv (38.7 KB)

Audio on Soundcloud:

Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to Il Diavolo Viene [The Devil Cometh] Theme playlist online for free on SoundCloud

A tribute to Richard H Kirk, one of the original Trio of Cabaret Voltaire- Himself, Mr Mallinder+ Chris Watson. I created this tribute after seeing an announcement in Electronic Sound Magazine, he is sadly missed by all fans of early Industrial music. Made in VCV Rack trying out the Befaco Morphader + Sampling Modulator made by Hemmer.

Subhermatoma - For Richard H Kirk in For Richard H Kirk- Cabaret Voltaire Tribute (soundcloud.com)

Tape n Autobreak.vcv (41.6 KB)

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More random noodlings of an unsound mind, -----is there anyone out there? It feels like a séance on here at times! Hello again, another random discombobulation of sounds in Nysthi Quad Simpler, this time samples from Mike Pinder’s [Moody Blues] Mellotron files. I acquired these from the internet. Also I Feel Free-Cream lyrics put into a Text to Speech engine. Mangled and reverbed to pieces.

Hope you enjoy/endure these. Anyway here’s some more:

Pinder Mellotron Simpler in More random noodling of an unsound mind (soundcloud.com)

Another selection of the ravings of a mad VCV Rack user. A number of modules were tortured to produce these insane horroresque creepiness! Don’t be scared my children for we shall all eat again! Mwaaahhaa!

Another track for the Day of the Dead 2021 at the bottom.

Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to From Venus to your living room playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Stream Day Of The Dead 2021 - Drone Of Hell - REscent by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

The patch:

Day Of The Dead 2021-Drone of hell.vcv (30.0 KB)

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Here I go again, talking to the void!

This one is a lot different to my usual noise fest. I have just obtained the Tonecarver Traveller Sequencer and a thing of beauty it is. This is my 1st use of this module and it is fantastic!! A beautiful harmonious track with lots of quirkiness, it is even sequencing Chronoblob delay as well as 2 Ateliers Palettes.

Traveller Seq n Blur+ 2 Palettes=beautiful by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

Traveller seq n Blur-2 Palettes.vcv (50.0 KB)

Another of my tracks I believe is worth sharing, this one built around a Shimmer patch that Ablaut built ages ago, Using Atelier Palette and Basal as sound sources, Chronoblob to throw in some random delay in.

The patch:

Palette shimmered.vcv (6.9 KB)

The audio:

Palette Shimmered -Lullaby of fear by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

Not that anyone will take notice, Happy New Year to all!!

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More talking to myself! This time a Ryuichi Sakamoto influenced tracks, made in VCV Rack using Audible Instruments Macro and Resonator using StochSeq4 and Euclidean Sequencer from Count Modula.

Ryuichi Dreams - Perc 2 in Ryuichi dreams (soundcloud.com)

Ryuichi dreams-Perc.vcv (8.2 KB)

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