Kleinemaschinen 'music' thread

My 1st submission to this thread of my ‘music’.

I go under the name of ‘Kleinemaschinen’ on Patchstorage but ady34 on this forum

This track was created in VCV Rack using samples from Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’-simple piano notes and a choir samples. teropa.info/loop/#/title

Samples bottom of webpage—- Deconstructing Brian Eno's "Music For Airports" | Reverb Machine

Using Nysthi Quadsimpler, 2 Ahornberg Tape recorder modules in 4 Track mode and Squinky’s SFZ module playing Harp through a Filter Delay [RJ Modules]. Then through a Mega size Reverb [Valley Plateau].

This could be the 1st of many or not, my emotions are up and down like a yoyo at present, so we shall see! Can I make VCV Rack work for me or not.

Stream Music 4 Isolating In Lockdown by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Music 4 isolating in Lockdown.vcv (40.3 KB)

Samples right at bottom of webpage---- Deconstructing Brian Eno’s “Music For Airports” | Reverb Machine


Hello more noodlings, Based on Brylie VCV Rack patch-- patchstorage.com/bco-2019-11-19/

I added Ahornberg Tape recorder to give it more variations in sounds. Did I succeed? Only you, the listener can decide. The 4 tracks are the testimony.

Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to Modding Melody using Reverb playlist online for free on SoundCloud

modulating melody with reverb -brylie.vcv (25.3 KB)

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More tracks, this time influenced by Faust and Nurse With Wound, what a combination!? The patch but the samples don’t stay with the sampler. Bugger!

Faustian industrialze.vcv (40.2 KB)

Faustian Industrialze Trk1 - Ausgang Bewegungen in Faustian Industrialization (soundcloud.com)

Is there anybody out there!!!?

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Here I go replying to myself with some more tracks.

Yet another VCV Rack playlist, anybody would think I like using it! This time influenced by 23 Skidoo early Industrial Funk 1980-5.

Made using AI Macro Oscillator 2 and 1, Processed by Hora Multimode delay and Valley Plateau. Also Vult Basal gives a nice Jazz Funk bass guitar feel to the tracks, it’s in the mix somewhere.

The Summit of Profundity in Post Punk Experiments (soundcloud.com)

More self replying, more tunes/soundscapes- 4 Tracks that are a cross between Vapourwave and Hauntology, in that they are imagining a place that does not exist, yet is still remembered/dreamt about and a feeling of actually experiencing it. Made in VCV Rack using Audible Instruments Macros, Valley Plateau reverb and other esoteric modules.

Convolvzilla Daydreams -Early Morning Thunder in Paradise turned inside out (soundcloud.com)

More lazy/crazy tunes to add: Prog Nasta:

Stream Prog nasta by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hello wonderful people, here I go again with another long track. Made in VCV Rack as usual. This time an attempt at sliding bass and guitar. Resulted in this intentional fuzz soaked guitar using Nysthi’s Magister Fuzz module. As usual no guitars were injured except virtual ones. AI Resonators for bass and electric guitar and a new Sequencer from CVLY-ntrvlc -see VCV Rack Ideas YouTube channel.

Stream Sliding bass guitar by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud