My wires are only white now - why would that be?

I was using Rack as a VST within Ableton and was paring down a patch I had as it was eating CPU pretty good. I was removing everything that didn’t need to be there including the Inklen Cable Colour Key module, and at some point the cable colour options disappeared and now I only have white with no right click option for other colours. I closed it out and re-opened it and same thing. I closed Ableton and opened Rack standalone and same problem. The Inklen module doesn’t even have options now. Thoughts?

EDIT: Did an uninstall and reinstalled but still have the same issue…

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Does that image have white cables for you? Because for me I see mostly red, two blue, and one white cable.

If you are seeing all white, then maybe there is a problem with your graphics card and/or driver and/or monitor.


Copy this file into your rack2 folder (first close rack)

Inklen-CableColourKey.json (414 Bytes)

No, when I started the session everthing was normal and during my paring down something happened. I added the white one just to demonstrate.

Ah, I think I understand now. Existing cables are fine. But when you try to add a new cable, or change the color of an existing cable, then your only option is white - Is that it?

That didn’t work Peter. I deleted the Inklen plugin folder and re-added it but same problem. When I look at it in my module page it even shoes up blank. Same as when I add it to the patch.

Blank Inklen

When you look inside the rack2 folder in documents, do you see the file ?

Yes - and there is no colour or wire option at all in the right click menu. If I left click on an I/O I get a white wire as my only option.

Yes sir

Ok could you open the settings.json file to see if this is there :


it’s at the top.

This is what I see:

Settings JSON

put a color inside the [ ] as shown in my picture,

"cableColors": [

Or copy this over it and save.

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While you were typing I was attempting to do just that but I made an error along the way. The error message asked me if I wanted to reset to default settings, I said yes, und walla!


Thx Peter.

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