Music players come up greyed out in posts

It used to be that you could paste a link to an audio file, and the forum code would automatically put in an HTML audio player gizmo.

Now it puts in a ‘greyed out’ audio player gizmo which doesn’t respond to mouse clicks, at least for me. What’s up with that?

Do you have an example?

Can you get the player to do anything?

It’s not greyed out, but it indeed seems bugged, click doesn’t launch anything and song length is displayed as 0:00

I’ll try yo go on the Discourse forums to see if anyone is talking about this too, but maybe it’s a browser issue ? Tested on Firefox here

only found this about the issue…

No I can’t either.

@chaircrusher Same here on Firefox (but it works on my Chrome browser on Windows).
It definitely looks like a CORS Mozilla policy, as the console logs “Loading mixed (insecure) display content”.
You can try to edit your posts and change the link to the mp3 resource, pointing it at the secure protocol (i.e. swapping ‘http:’ to ‘https:’). This should work.

Its working for me on chrome on android.

Definitely looks like to be a Firefox issue then, weird tho because it used to work well until now…

Indeed a little simulation seems to confirm the cross-origin issue. I cloned the <audio> tag (DOM element) of one of the mini-players rendered in the page, after having swapped the protocol of the source attribute and related anchor. This way the controller was reinitialized, and as a result:
1) the track-length read-out get its value
2) the player can be started
Posting a screenshot, the mini-player at the right is the “hacked” one.

Yeah but it used to work. Something changed about how this site worked in recent weeks. It is by definition Cross Origin Resource Sharing since the mp3 files are on my website.

I can link directly to the mp3 file and users can click thru and get the default html5 player,but the player in the community posts is one less step.

The worst part is I would have to edit every post I’ve done with an audio file because it doesn’t show the url of the audio file, just a broken player.

This doesn’t feel like an improvement in the forum software.

As you can see, the issue was reported in Discourse’s forum back in 2018, it probably has something to do with browsers update.

I will keep taking a look at the Discourse forum from time to time to see if other Firefox users mention it.

Hi, fwiw the music player in the original post , track length 6:35 is working fine for me.

Windows 10 / Safari